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Resources for the segment: "Unlocking the Secrets of Mercury"
Resources for Educators

The MESSENGER Education and Public Outreach Website -- The MESSENGER Education site has several modules filled with lessons to help bring the excitement of the MESSENGER mission to classrooms.

Comparative Planetology: "Voyage" and "The Voyage Continues" Modules -- The Voyage education units use models to provide an understanding of Earth's place in the solar system and the sun’s place among the stars.

The Scientific Process in Action: 'Staying Cool' -- The 'Staying Cool' unit explores the basic concepts of light, heat and energy to investigate how spacecraft such as MESSENGER can study planets using light and radiation without being damaged by the harsh high-temperature, high-radiation environment in which they have to operate. Activities include design challenges for students in different grades.

Exploring Ice in the Solar System -- The 'Exploring Ice in the Solar System' unit examines the importance of water in the form of ice in the solar system. The 12 hands-on activities investigate ice in everyday life, in polar regions on Earth, and throughout the solar system.

Windows to the Universe: Solar System Myths -- Learn about the ancient myths by which people tried to explain the solar system.

Sky Paths: Studying the Movement of Celestial Objects -- Use the Windows to the Universe myths to write your own creative stories with this lesson, which includes teacher and student rubrics.

SpaceMath @ NASA -- SpaceMath @ NASA introduces students to the use of mathematics in today's scientific discoveries. To access these problems click on the green registration button on the top right and follow the instructions at http://spacemath.gsfc.nasa.gov.

We suggest the following problems related to Mercury and the Messenger spacecraft:
  • Problem 415: Mercury and the Moon -- Use escape velocity and volume to interpret images of Mercury sent by MESSENGER and compare Mercury and our moon.
  • Problem 180: Planets, Fractions and Scales -- Use fractions to compare the sizes of the planets.

Resources for Students

Mercury Movies and Animations -- Watch movies and animations about Mercury. Experience a typical day on Mercury, make a mosaic of Mercury's cratered surface, use gravity assist to change the speed and direction of your spacecraft, or challenge yourself to Mercurian trivia.

Fast Facts about Mercury -- Learn exciting facts about Mercury.

Space Place: Solar System Explorer -- Explore the solar system with this interactive game.

NASA eClips™ Video Clips About MESSENGER: Mission to Mercury -- These short videos describe the new discoveries made about Mercury.