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Resources for the segment: "Looking into the Past -- The James Webb Space Telescope"
Resources for Educators

Space Math @ NASA -- Problem 294 Star Cluster Math -- A simple counting exercise involving star classes lets students work with percentages and ratios.

Space Math @ NASA -- Problem 295 Details from an Exploding Star -- Students work with an image from the Hubble Space Telescope of the Crab Nebula to calculate scales and sizes of various features.

Cool Cosmos Lessons -- Find guides and activities about infrared astronomy.

The Right Circle -- In "Classroom Activity: Find the Right Circle," students study the Galaxy Trading Cards and other materials supplied here to observe and record the properties of galaxies. Students use a Venn diagram to compare galaxies' properties.

Online Exploration -- Hubble Deep Field Academy -- Students will simulate the process astronomers went through to count, classify and identify objects in the image as well as estimate their distances from Earth.

Resources for Students

Quick Facts -- Quick Facts about the James Webb Space Telescope.

NASA Space Place -- Find word puzzles, scrambled pictures, crazy quizzes and even a board game. But you'll never be bored on this page!

Cool Cosmos for Kids -- Learn about infrared astronomy.

"Infrared Zoo" -- See what new information you can gather about the animals here that you would not get from a visible light picture.

Revealing the Universe in All of its Light! -- Learn about all different types of wavelength.

Other Resources

Webb-cam -- See how the James Webb Space Telescope is built using the "Webb-cam."

James Webb Space Telescope -- Videos and images of the James Webb Space Telescope.