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Resources for the segment: "Unlocking Jupiter’s Mysteries"
Resources for Educators

NASA's Juno Mission Web Page -- In this interactive website, learn everything about the mission, including the flight plan and the team, as well as the spacecraft and what NASA hopes to learn about Jupiter.

NASA's Juno Mission Multimedia -- Find images, videos, graphics and other downloadable communications materials related to NASA's Juno mission.

NASA's Juno Mission YouTube Channel -- Search through short videos about the mysteries of Jupiter and NASA's Juno mission.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Launch Video and Images -- Watch the Juno launch with archived video and images. This searchable website allows you to find footage for any NASA mission launch.

Juno Educational Materials: Unlocking Jupiter's Mysteries -- Explore activities to help understand more about the mysteries of Jupiter. Additional resources include links for "Giant Worlds," an online exhibit; a comparison chart of Earth and Jupiter; a downloadable Jupiter lithograph; and a way to study Jupiter with NASA's Radio Jove network.

Lunar Planetary Institute: Jupiter's Family Secrets -- Explore several hands-on activities to help you understand more about Jupiter. Create scale models in "Jump Start, Jupiter" or make edible models to learn more about the gas giant. Find out more about gravitational pull and density in the series of activities, "Big Kid on the Block." Make a scrapbook of your Journey to Jupiter.

SpaceMath @ NASA -- SpaceMath @ NASA introduces students to the use of mathematics in today’s scientific discoveries. To access these problems click on the green registration button on the top right and follow the instructions at http://spacemath.gsfc.nasa.gov.

We suggest the following problems related to Jupiter and the Juno mission:
  • Planet Fractions and Scales -- Explore the sizes of the planets in the solar system by comparing their sizes with each other.
  • Problem 135: How Big Is It? (Jupiter and Io) -- Using an image of Jupiter taken by the Cassini Spacecraft, students will use scales to calculate the size of various features in the image.

Resources for Students

"Eyes on the Solar System" Jupiter Interactive -- Explore the planet Jupiter in this NASA interactive and learn more about the Juno mission.

Space Place: Juno Quest -- Mission to Jupiter -- Play "Juno Quest" and help NASA's Juno Spacecraft explore Jupiter. Discover why we want to learn more about Jupiter and how the Juno Mission will help us do that!

Space Place: What's the Secret Code for Talking With Spacecraft? -- Learn how Voyager II sent back amazing color pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus using a special computer code consisting of just two numbers!

Space Place: The Spacecraft That Kept Going and Going -- Learn more about the Voyager Spacecraft and how the information sent back about Jupiter helped NASA scientists plan the Juno Mission.

Space Place: High Tide on Io! -- Find out how NASA's Galileo spacecraft helped us learn more about the moons of Jupiter.

NASA eClips™ Our World: Moons in Our Solar System -- Watch this short video to learn more about some of the moons in our solar system, including the fascinating moons of Jupiter.

Juno Webcast -- View archived interviews with leading NASA scientists and engineers to learn more about Juno and why this historic mission is so important. Interviews include Jim Adams -- NASA's Deputy Director of Planetary Science; Dr. Scott Bolton -- Juno Principal Investigator; Bill Nye -- The Science Guy; and Dr. Mary Mellott -- Juno Program Scientist. A complete listing is on the website.