Dr. Franklin Chang-Díaz

Conoce al senor Franklin Chang-Diaz

Dr. Franklin Chang-Díaz - NASA's first Hispanic-American astronaut and president of Ad Astra.

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Profile of José Hernández

    NASA astronaut José Hernández, son of a migrant farm worker, knew he could one day fly in space when he learned that the first Hispanic-American astronaut Franklin Chang-Díaz had been chosen to travel into space.
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Background Information

    NASA engineer José Hernández wanted to fly in space ever since he heard that the first Hispanic-American had been chosen to travel into space.

    "I was hoeing a row of sugar beets in a field near Stockton, Calif., and I heard on my transistor radio that Franklin Chang-Diaz had been selected for the Astronaut Corps," says Hernández, who was a senior in high school at the time.

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