Science and the MSL

Concepcion del artista del Laboratorio Cientifico de Marte con el brazo extendido

Looking for life on Mars requires a lot of special instruments. Learn about the science aboard Curiosity.

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Entry, Descent and Landing

Concepcion del artista de la nave especial conteniendo el Laboratorio Cientifico de Marte de la NASA acercandose a Marte

Whether landing on Mars or returning to Earth, some of the most challenging parts of any mission is the entry, descent and landing.

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Rockets of the Future

Dr. Chang-Diaz enfrente del cohete VASIMR

NASA needs new rockets to reach Mars and beyond. The new plasma rocket VASIMR might be the solution.

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Engineering Challenges

Cuatro personas con trajes esterilizados dentro de un grupo de segmento de espejos

How do you fit a telescope the size of a tennis court into a rocket as wide as a pickup truck?

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Engineering of the Mars Science Laboratory

    The biggest, "baddest," newest Mars rover is the Mars Science Laboratory. It's the size of a small sport-utility vehicle and has 10 instruments, the most ever, all to find clues of life on the Red Planet. Follow along and learn how NASA engineered this very curious rover.
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Background Information

    Although NASA's Mars Science Laboratory will not land on Mars until August 2012, anyone can watch its dramatic landing now in a new animation of the mission.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • 'Sea un marciano' logotipo que muestra una nave especial similar a un insecto con Marte al fondo

    Be a Martian  →

    NASA invites YOU to "Be a Martian" and explore the Red Planet's terrain. This is a virtual way for people to explore the Red Planet. Look through different photos of Mars that have been sent back by rovers and orbiters, discover, win points, and even earn badges. Enroll as a virtual Martian citizen and start exploring!