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Resources for the segment: "Engineering of the International Space Station"
Resources for Educators

International Space Station: A True Partnership -- Learn about all five of the international partner agencies participating in the International Space Station. Through this interactive feature, see the different foods they have had and how they have communicated with each other.

Buzz Lightyear: Toys in Space Challenges -- Gravity often plays an important role in the operation of toys, but how would the same toys function in an environment where the effects of gravity are not felt? This guide uses a few sports activities and toys to bring the experience of free fall and an understanding of gravity's pull to students of all ages.

SpaceMath @ NASA -- SpaceMath @ NASA introduces students to the use of mathematics in today's scientific discoveries. To access these problems click on the green registration button on the top right and follow the instructions at http://spacemath.gsfc.nasa.gov.

We suggest the following problems related to the International Space Station:

NASA eClips™ Video Clips About the International Space Station -- These short, relevant educational video segments inspire and engage students by helping them see real-world connections.

Brain Bites -- How can I see the Space Station?

Resources for Students

Expeditions and Crew Members on the International Space Station -- Learn more about current expeditions and crew members, as well as future expeditions to the International Space Station.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Station Mission Logs Video -- The world's most famous space ranger returned to Earth in September 2009 after more than a year in orbit, and now he’s sharing his adventures.

Buzz Lightyear on the International Space Station -- Learn about Buzz's stay on the space station through interactive games, movies and activities.

Interactive Guide to the International Space Station -- See how the International Space Station works, how the crew lives and even take a tour of the station with this interactive guide!

International Space Station Photosynths -- Discover the International Space Station with this 3-D photographic collection of internal and external views of the station.
Station Spacewalk: 3-D Game -- Hello Astronaut! In the Station Spacewalk Game, you'll experience the thrill of conducting NASA repair work on the International Space Station. After negotiating your way through the airlock, you, the astronaut, will be tasked with jobs critical to help power up the space station so it can continue to operate.

NASA eClips™ Video Clips About the International Space Station -- These short videos talk about questions you might have, such as "What tools do astronauts use in space?" or "How is it onboard the International Space Station?" Check them out!

Brain Bites -- How can I see the Space Station?