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Resources for the segment: "Detective Scientist"
Resources for Educators

Microscopic Astronauts -- Humans can't go to space without taking trillions of microbes with them. An experiment on board the space station aims to find out how bugs behave in orbit.

NASA SCI Files™: The Case of the Biological Biosphere -- Complete one of the many activities in this educator guide to help students understand what micro-organisms are and how disease is spread.

NASA 21st Century Explorers: Where Would an Astronaut Find Water and Oxygen? -- Cleaning and recycling the air and water is a big concern for NASA astronauts. See how scientists are helping to solve this problem.

NASA 21st Century Explorers: Designing Your Own Water Filtering System -- Students design and build their own water-filtering system, collect data before and after filtering the water, and compare their results with the rest of the class.

Medical Spinoffs -- From experiments on the International Space Station to aeronautics research, NASA programs are resulting in spinoffs that improve fitness, treat disease and save lives.

Growing Microbes in a Bag -- Activities in this educator guide help students learn more about microbes and help teachers address common misconceptions.

Resources for Students

Human Anatomy Medical Spinoffs Interactive -- See how space technology has improved our health!

NASA eClips™ Video Clips -- With these fun, short videos, learn how NASA keeps the astronauts healthy in the International Space Station.

NASA Fit Explorer Challenge -- Train Like an Astronaut and Stay Healthy!

Suspicious Sickness -- Think and act like an epidemiologist to help solve a mysterious sickness in this NASA SCI Files™ interactive online game.