Science on the ISS

El experimento del Sistema Portatil de Prueba y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones de Laboratorio en un Microprocesador a bordo de la estacion espacial

Over 600 experiments have been performed on the space station. Check some of them out!

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Climate Change

La particion del glaciar Jakobshavn desde 1850 hasta 2006

NASA with its Earth-observing satellites can help better understand how human activity is changing Earth's climate.

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Science and the MSL

Concepcion del artista del Laboratorio Cientifico de Marte con el brazo extendido

Looking for life on Mars requires many instruments. Learn about the science aboard Curiosity.

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Detective Scientist

    NASA has many detectives looking for clues to solve a mystery, like "science detective" Monsi Roman. She is making sure the water and air on board the International Space Station are safe for the astronauts who live there.
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Background Information

    When Monserrate Roman came to the United States from Puerto Rico, she never dreamed she'd be a scientist working to ensure safe water and air for the crew of the International Space Station, the world's largest space laboratory.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • Colonia toroidal, vista de corte

    2012 NASA Space Settlement Design Contest  →

    Design a space settlement! Space settlements are permanent communities in orbit, as opposed to being on the moon or other planets. Designing a space settlement involves physics, mathematics, space science, environmental science and many other disciplines. This contest is for students 11-18 years old from anywhere in the world. Individuals or teams may enter. Submissions must be received by March 15, 2012.