Ilustracion de un asteroide desmoronandose

An asteroid is not just a rocky metallic object that orbits the sun!

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Moonbase Alpha Game

Los astronautas posan fuera de la base lunar en el juego Base lunar Alpha

Your mission: Restore critical systems when meteors damage life-support equipment in your lunar settlement. This sounds like a science fiction movie, right? Actually it is NASA's new 3-D computer game, "Moonbase Alpha." Come and play the game!

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Solar System Exploration

Montaje artistico de mundos y objetos en nuestro sistema solar

Do you think we already know everything about our solar system? Think again!

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    Did you know that comets seen streaking across the night sky may have brought the building blocks of life to our planet billions of years ago? Join NASA in learning more about these fascinating objects in space!
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Background Information

    In the distant past, people were both awed and alarmed by comets. They were perceived as being "long-haired" stars that appeared unpredictably and unannounced in the sky. To some ancient observers, an elongated comet looked like a fiery sword blazing across the night sky. Chinese astronomers kept extensive records for centuries, including illustrations of characteristic types of comet tails. They recorded the times of cometary appearances and disappearances in addition to celestial positions. These historic comet annals have proven to be a valuable resource for later astronomers.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • Un grupo de adolescentes sobre el escenario

    Produce Your Own Musical!  →

    Watch "Space School Musical," the tale of Hannah on a trip through the solar system; then put on your own version of the play. No performing experience is needed -- just follow the suggestions in the guide and have fun with it!