Resources for the segment: "Climate Change"
Resources for Educators

Global Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth -- NASA's Global Climate Change website is devoted to educating the public about Earth's changing climate, providing easy-to-understand information about the causes and effects of climate change, and how NASA studies it. See our planet's vital signs and find current news and data streams about global warming and climate change.

What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate? -- This feature article explains the difference between weather and climate, with additional information of programs and agencies that study both weather and climate.

Global Warming Feature Article -- This article by NASA's Earth Observatory explains what global warming is and includes images and actual data that answer questions like: How is today's warming different from the past? Is current warming natural? How much more will Earth warm? How will global warming change Earth?

Global Climate Change Education Website -- Understanding our Changing Earth website is part of NASA's Global Climate Change Education, or GCCE, initiative where you can find the latest news, upcoming events and educational resources about global climate change. GCCE is designed to improve the quality of the nation's science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and to enhance students' and teachers' literacy about global climate and Earth system change from elementary grades to lifelong learners.

NASA eClips™ -- NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments that inspire and engage students by helping them see real-world connections.
NASA eClips™ Educator Guide: NASA's Real World -- What Causes Global Climate Change? -- This educator guide helps students understand climate change by modeling the work of climate scientists.
NASA's Eyes on the Earth: Climate Reel -- In this website, you’ll find a collection of NASA's best videos and visualizations of climate change. At the top of the page is a selection of our most popular videos, followed by visuals organized according to themes: life on Earth, the oceans, the land and so on.

Analyzing Tree Rings to Determine Climate Change -- My NASA DATA Lesson -- This lesson plan is designed for students to use monthly average precipitation data to strengthen conclusions about periods of drought or abnormal rainfall from analysis of tree rings.

Institute of Planets and Climate, or ICP, Lessons, Modules and Visualizations -- The Goddard Institute for Space Studies ICP lessons and modules are driven by fundamental questions and topics scientists deal with in climate and environmental research. By design, they are problem-based investigations for middle school and high school students in which students learn to use various research tools to construct scientific understandings.

EarthKAM -- Sponsored by NASA, EarthKAM is an educational outreach program allowing middle school students to take pictures of our Earth from a digital camera aboard the International Space Station.

Resources for Students

Climate Time Machine -- Be a time traveler and go backward and forward in time to see how Earth changes!

Climate Kids -- NASA's Eyes on the Earth -- This is a fun website that is about the Earth and climate change. Find games, videos and answers to big questions like: What does global climate change mean? and How do we know the climate is changing?

NASA eClips™ video clips about weather and climate -- These are short videos that talk about questions you might have like: What is weather? or How do scientists study climate? Check them out!
Eyes on the Earth 3-D -- Fly alongside NASA satellites in 3-D and learn what these satellites tell us about Earth.

How Can You Help the Earth? -- We know human activity is changing our climate, here are some things you and your family can do to help our planet!

Ideas to Help Our Planet -- See what others are doing and share the ways that you and your family are helping the planet.

NASA Space Place: Earth -- Find cool games and projects all about the Earth and our climate!

Build Your Own Space Mission! -- Make your scientist or engineer and build your own space mission to study Earth or other planets in the solar system!

Take AIM at Climate Change Music Video -- This music video talks about the latest science with rhymes and rhythms inspired by contemporary rap and hip-hop. Tommy Boots, Jené and friends review how changes at Earth's poles have global impact.

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