Semillas de salicomia para el proyecto de biocombustibles

Biofuels reduce our carbon footprint, but they could also be used in long-term human habitation and exploration.

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Climate Change

    Is NASA about astronauts, space shuttles, and planet Earth? Yes, NASA has more than a dozen satellites studying Earth. The information these satellites gather help scientists understand Earth and answer hard questions on how human activity is changing Earth's climate. It's your world and it's changing -- What can you do?
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Background Information

    What does global climate change mean?

    Earth is truly our spaceship.

    Did you think NASA was all about astronauts, space shuttles and missions to Mars? NASA is all of those and much more. It is also about the most important planet to us -- Earth.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • Ninos afuera, con el cielo de fondo

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    S'COOL is an ongoing project where students all over the world observe and report clouds. For more information on how to participate, visit the S'COOL website.