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Resources for the segment: "Biofuels"
Resources for Educators

NASA Envisions "Clean Energy" From Algae Grown in Waste Water Article -- This article discusses how NASA scientists have proposed an ingenious and remarkably resourceful process to produce "clean energy" biofuels that clean waste water, remove carbon dioxide from the air, retain important nutrients, and do not compete with agriculture for land or freshwater.

NASA Clean Energy Website -- This website has information on cutting-edge research being done by researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center in California in the development of clean energy technologies with a focus on advancing biofuel, solar and wind technologies.

NASA Podcasts: "Green" Technology Wins -- This podcast discusses how two of NASA's Kennedy Space Center employees were inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for their award-winning work in developing a substance for cleaning up water and soils contaminated by chlorinated solvents.

NASA Green Spinoffs -- This website is part of NASA @ Home and City, which shows how space exploration impacts your daily life with green-related spinoffs. Fueling With H20 Hands-On Demonstration -- The hands-on demonstration on page 35 shows how a fuel cell works.

SpaceMath@NASA -- Math Energy Problems

Resources for Students

NASA SciFiles: Case of the Energy Crunch Video -- When the Tree House Detectives experience an electrical brownout, they energize into action to learn about Earth's energy budget. NASA eClips™ Video Segments -- These fun short videos talk about "green" energy! Building a Solar Cooker! -- Your mission is to design and build a solar oven to cook a hot dog simply using a cardboard box and a few extra materials.

Green Careers -- Learn about all different kinds of green careers that are helping our climate.

Power Up! Game -- Move your wind turbine to capture clean energy from the wind and use your solar panels to produce enough electricity to run the town.