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Resources for the segment: "Aerodynamics and Baseball"
Resources for Educators

Aerodynamics of Baseball -- This Web page shows the different software models developed by NASA’s Glenn Research Center to teach different aspects of the aerodynamics of baseball.

Forces on a Baseball -- This Web page presents the forces that act on a baseball in flight. Each force is explained separately with highlighted key words.

Ideal Flow Around Spinning Ball -- This Web page talks about the flow around a baseball in flight with an interactive Java simulator to see the forces in action.

FoilSim Activities -- This Web page contains a wide variety of aerospace activities and lesson plans generated by active teachers, educators, and NASA engineers and scientists. The lessons are arranged by subject and grade level.

Aerodynamics Index -- This Web page shows a list of topics available on aerodynamics for beginners. The site provides videos and presentations explaining aerodynamics for use in the classroom.

The Courage to Soar Educator Guide -- This educator guide is composed of 23 lessons that enable students to conduct scientific experiments, construct aircraft models, and read selections and research topics about aviation.

Resources for Students

Fundamental Aeronautics -- Find games and puzzles on the basics of flight and learn about how airplanes, helicopters and rockets fly!

Curve Ball Expert -- How does a big league pitcher throw a curve ball? You can investigate how by using this software and try to pitch a curve ball.

The HitModeler Student -- Discover how baseball players hit the ball out of the stadium and what happens when you change the stadium or the weather conditions of the day.