To Infinity and Beyond!
Buzz Lightyear standing in front of a space shuttle orbiter

Buzz Lightyear will ride on the space shuttle Discovery. He will return home with the crew of STS-126 on the space shuttle Endeavour. Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Buzz Lightyear has a new mission. He is going to the International Space Station. He will help NASA astronauts bring a new piece to the space station.

Buzz Lightyear is flying into space on the space shuttle Discovery in May. He will ride with the crew on the STS-124 shuttle mission. The mission is taking a new laboratory to the space station.

The new laboratory is called "Kibo." Kibo means hope in Japanese. NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are working together to add the new lab to the space station.

Kibo is made of several pieces. The pieces are flying to the station a few at a time. Once at the station, the pieces are put together like a big puzzle.

The new lab is about the size of a large bus. It will be the station's largest laboratory. In the lab, astronauts will study a lot of things, like medicine, the human body and Earth.

Buzz Lightyear standing in front of a space shuttle on the launch pad

Buzz Lightyear's dream of spaceflight is coming true. He is flying to the International Space Station with the crew of the STS-124 space shuttle mission. Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Buzz will stay on the station for about six months. He plans to ride home on the space shuttle Endeavour in November.

Flying in space is Buzz Lightyear's dream. NASA and Disney Parks are making his dream come true. Buzz's spaceflight is celebrating a new attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The new attraction is called Toy Story Mania!

NASA and Disney/Pixar are celebrating Buzz's spaceflight and the STS-124 mission by challenging students with five "mini-missions" in the NASA Kids' Club.

Today's students will be the people who make NASA's future happen. That is why NASA is helping students learn. NASA wants to get students excited about things like science and math. That way, those students can be the scientists, engineers and astronauts of the future.

Buzz Lightyear and the words 'To Infinity and Beyond!'

Disney Parks and NASA have partnered to create interactive games, educational worksheets and special messages from Buzz Lightyear during the STS-124 space shuttle mission. Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Load the Shuttle
Help Buzz Lightyear get ready for liftoff! Buzz needs help loading parts and supplies into the space shuttle. To solve the puzzle, think about how much the parts weigh and how much space is on the shuttle.

Mission Match-up
Countries around the world have helped build the International Space Station. In this game, match the name of the country with how that country helped humans learn about spaceflight.

I Spy
Help Buzz find hidden objects on a space station. Learn how space technology changes lives everyday. All of the hidden items were made with the help of NASA.

Connect It
Predict how to pick-up and connect the space station's new Japanese module "Kibo" to the space station by moving the robotic arm.

Toys in Space
Have you ever wondered what a yo-yo or a soccer ball would do in space? Help Buzz find out by flying him to platforms with toys on them.

Check back while the shuttle is in space for special messages from Buzz Lightyear.

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