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Robot Storybook
A Mars rover drives along the hilly landscape of Mars

NASA sends robots to study other planets. Image Credit: NASA

What would you do if you had a robot? Find out what one is before you decide!

Robots are machines. They can do some things that people do. And they can do some things that people can't. Robots don't have to eat. They don't have to drink. And they don't get lonely.

Robots can do the same things over and over exactly the same way. They don't get bored. They don't get tired. And best of all, robots can do things that are too dangerous for us to do.

That is why NASA uses robots. They send robots on long trips. They send them to places where there is no air to breathe. They send them where people can't go, or can't go yet.

The list below will tell you about a few NASA robots. Some are still being tested. Some are being used right now!

    The human-like Robonaut robot works outside the space shuttle

    NASA will use robots like Robonaut to go on spacewalks. Image Credit: NASA

  • Robonaut looks a lot like a human. It has a head, arms and upper body. Robonaut will go outside the International Space Station. It may work with astronauts on spacewalks. It may even go where it’s not safe for humans.
  • The space shuttle has a robot arm. It helps move things into and out of the shuttle. It can also hold an astronaut who is working in space.
  • Mars rovers are robots. They drive around on the land. Three NASA rovers are on Mars. Two of them are still working!
  • Stardust was the first robot sent to a comet. It brought bits of the comet back to Earth in January 2006.
In the past, robots have helped NASA explore. Today, they are still important to NASA. In the future, we will use robots to help return humans to the moon and to travel to Mars and beyond.

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