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Saturn V Cartoon -- Text
Going to the Moon

The Saturn V takes off from the launch pad in Florida.

As it rises from the Earth, the first stage runs out of fuel. It falls from the bottom of the rocket. Higher still, the escape tower shoots off the top of the Saturn V.

Next, the Saturn's second stage runs out of fuel. It also comes off the rocket.

Once in orbit, the Command and Service Module flies off the Saturn V booster. This craft is called Columbia.

It then turns around to dock with the Lunar Module. The name of this module is Eagle. Columbia pulls the Eagle out of the rocket's third stage.

Together, Columbia and the Eagle fly to the Moon.

The Eagle then leaves Columbia. It goes down to the moon's surface.

The Return Home

The Eagle's ascent stage takes off from the Moon.

The Eagle returns to lunar orbit. When it gets there, it docks with Columbia again.

The Eagle is left behind at the Moon. Columbia flies back to Earth with the crew.

Once Columbia reaches Earth, the Command Module leaves the Service Module.

Parachutes carry the Command Module down for a safe landing in the ocean.