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Surfing The Cosmos Gets Better
Natalie Godwin
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Internet Advisory: 2004-109

NASA's award-winning, educational Web site Space Place has been revamped to make it even more out of this world. The site targets elementary school children, their parents and teachers. The new design makes it even easier for kids to stay in touch with fun facts about space.

All the projects on Space Place integrate the inspirational work of NASA and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory into interactive games, puzzles and animations for kids.

Kids can "Blast Off for a Mars Adventure," solve gravitational waves crosswords, or make their own Star Finder to help them locate constellations. If they get hungry, there are simple recipes for asteroid potatoes or Moon cookies.

The new Space Place Web site helps students learn all about the solar system, stars, Earth sciences and technology. A version of the site is also available in Spanish.

To see the new and improved Space Place, visit:

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