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The Wiggles Go to NASA
The Wiggles at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston
Image above: The Wiggles and one of their biggest fans, Chandra Fincke, wave to Chandra's dad Mike on board the International Space Station. Credit: NASA
Why are they singing "Hot Potato" in space? It is because The Wiggles went to NASA!

Astronaut Mike Fincke floated sideways on Thursday on the Space Station. He did a space dance with The Wiggles. They were in Texas. They talked to Fincke as he went around the Earth.

But, The Wiggles were not alone. Fincke's four-year-old son was there too. His name is Chandra. He got to sing with his dad while his dad was in space.

Chandra and his dad met The Wiggles last year. They were at a concert in Texas. Chandra has a new baby sister. She met the Wiggles at NASA. Her name is Tarali Paulina. She was born about two months after her daddy went into space. This was her first time meeting The Wiggles.

Her big brother will have to teach her about them. The Blue Wiggle likes to eat. The Purple Wiggle likes to sleep. The Red Wiggle plays the guitar. And, the Yellow Wiggle is the leader and drives the car.

The Wiggles are from Australia. But, kids all over the world like to dance and sing with them. They have four special friends. Their friends are Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword (who likes to tickle), Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus.

Fincke told them that the Space Station could fly from over the U.S. all the way to Australia in only 24 minutes. The Wiggles liked talking to the astronaut and his son. They even got to take a tour of NASA. (+ View Photo) Now The Wiggles know a little more about NASA. And NASA knows about The Wiggles.

Fincke performs with Wiggles while in orbit
Image above: Astronaut Mike Finke floats in the Station and sings "Hot Potato" with the Wiggles. Credit: NASA

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