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Meet Dymond Grayson, TeVon McClary and ShaTira Waller
picture of Dymond Grayson, Tevon McClary and ShaTira Waller collecting aerosol data
Dymond Grayson, TeVon McClary and ShaTira Waller (From Left to Right) Collect Aerosol Data Using a Sun Photometer
Dymond Grayson, TeVon McClary and ShaTira Waller are only in fifth grade. But they already do important science work.

They go outside at school and measure aerosols. Aerosols are tiny particles in the air, such as dust and smoke. Then their data goes to NASA scientists. The scientists use it to make sure satellites are working. Satellites measure aerosols from space.

The project was Shirley Sypolt's idea. She's their teacher. They go to school at Cooper Elementary in Virginia.

Why do Dymond, TeVon and ShaTira like science? Because it's fun and they learn a lot.

What do they like about the project? They like collecting data and helping scientists.

What have they learned from the project? That it's easier to work in a group than alone.

What do they want to be when they grow up? Dymond wants to be a doctor. ShaTira wants to be an animal doctor, a scientist or a teacher. And TeVon wants to be a basketball player.

What else do they like to do? Dymond likes to dance, sing, read and go to the mall. ShaTira likes to read and write. And TeVon likes to play sports.

Dan Stillman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies