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Rock Around the World
Image of the Rock Around the World banner
Image above: Send your rock to a Mars scientist! Credit: NASA
You can help NASA learn more about Mars. And, you don't even have to leave Earth. (Although a trip to the red planet would be pretty cool!)

All you have to do is step outside and find a rock. Then, send it to us. NASA scientists will use a special tool to figure out what the rock is made of. The tool is just like the one on the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

An orange and yellow volcanic rock with many bumps on its surface
Image above: This rock was sent in by a girl from Australia. Credit: ASU Mars Education Program
A picture of your rock and your name will be shown on the Web. You'll also get a report telling what kind of rock it is. And, you'll get an official certificate and a Mars sticker.

The rocks will be kept in a special place. The scientists will be able to study the rocks. They will see if they are like the rocks on Mars.

To learn more about what you need to do, go to http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/rockworld. You might want to ask a teacher or parent to help you.

To see the rock of the week and learn more about geology, go to http://ratw.asu.edu/.

Dan Stillman: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies