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Meet the Aura Scientists
Who are NASA's Earth Explorers?

The student thinking about El Niño. The scientist studying climate. And the farmer looking at satellite pictures. All of these people are Earth Explorers. They're all curious about how the Earth works. This is a story about NASA Earth Explorers.

Years of dreaming, planning and hard work have gone into Aura. Aura is a satellite that will launch later this month. It's designed to answer three questions about our atmosphere:
  1. Is the ozone layer recovering?
  2. Is air quality getting worse?
  3. How is the climate changing?
Come meet some scientists who have done important work for the Aura mission:

Photograph of Andrea Razzaghi

+ Meet Andrea Razzaghi
Photograph of Pieternel Levelt

+ Meet Pieternel Levelt
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