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Meet Lauren Banister
Lauren Banister
Lauren Banister
Lauren Banister is a 10th-grader in Kansas. Last year she won first place in NSIP, a science contest for students. NSIP stands for "NASA Student Involvement Program".

Lauren took part in NSIP as part of her biology class. She thought long and hard about what to do for her project. She ended up studying how aerosols affect tiny plants in the ocean. Aerosols are tiny particles in the air. They block sunlight. And plants need sunlight to grow.

Lauren did a lot of research on her topic. She also looked at NASA satellite pictures. Then she wrote the paper, sent it in and waited. When she found out she won, she could hardly believe it. Later, she got to go on a trip and see the projects that other winners had done.

Lauren wants to become a doctor. She says that NSIP helped her see what she can do.

Written by Laruen Banister
Edited by Dan Stillman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies