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A Teacher in Space
Cartoon image of a teacher in space
Image above: NASA wants teachers in space. Credit: NASA
People at NASA want to do a lot. They want to find out about the universe. They want to learn how to keep Earth safe. They want to look for life on other worlds. But, that's not all. They want to get children to like space. They want kids to think about exploring. They want to do it in a way that only NASA can.

How can NASA show that exploring space is cool? Send a teacher into space!

NASA has a new program. Teachers will become astronauts. They won't just go along for the ride. They will be real astronauts. But first, they have to leave their schools to get ready.

A lot of teachers wanted the job. NASA picked some of the very best. That group of teachers went to Texas. They were asked a lot of questions. At last, three teachers were picked. They are called educator astronauts.

How did NASA get good teachers? They went to the ones who would know. They asked kids! Parents and friends could send in names, too. A letter was sent to each of these teachers. If they wanted to, they could try to be astronauts.
Barbara Morgan
Image above: Barbara Morgan became NASA's first educator astronaut. Credit: NASA

NASA has one educator astronaut. She is Barbara Morgan. She has taught second grade, third grade and fourth grade. She was the next choice for the Teacher In Space Program in 1986. But, then there was the Challenger accident. So, she went back to her school. But, she kept helping NASA. She was picked as the first educator astronaut.

Now there are three new educator astronauts. They were just picked. They are so happy.

Who can show kids how cool space is? Who can send a teacher into space? Only NASA can!
Adapted from NASAexplores