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  • Cady Coleman and Ron Garan measure the orbiting radius of a water droplet

    Discovering New Orbits with Kids in Micro-g

    08.22.11 - Even simple scientific experiments can yield amazing results and add to the collective knowledge of the research community.

  • Dawn shot of retired NASA radio telescope in Goldstone, California

    Students to Study Mysterious Giant Planet

    Using a retired NASA radio telescope, students from across the country are keeping an eye on NASA's Juno spacecraft as it heads to Jupiter.

  • Life Cycle of a Goddard Mission

    Life Cycle of a Goddard Mission

    Check out this interactive feature to learn about the science, people and processes that transform a NASA spacecraft from an idea into a reality.

  • Kevin Temmer with animated science fair video in background

    This Science Fair is a Winner

    08.17.11 - Kevin Temmer's science fair how-to animation is a hit with teachers and students.

  • What's Up

    What's Up for August 2011

    See the storm on Saturn -- even with an amateur telescope.

  • ARISSat-1

    Hammin’ It Up

    08.05.11 - A satellite built by amateur radio operators and released into space by International Space Station cosmonauts is transmitting data, pictures and messages to students around the world.

  • A student walks behind a robot that is scooping soil

    Students Work With HOPE

    08.03.11 - A team of students from Oakton Community College competed in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition with the help of an unexpected teammate.

  • Space shuttle landing at night

    One Last Time -- Please Call Atlantis for a Voice Check

    08.01.11 - A call from the Audio Control Room at NASA's Johnson Space Center marked the last education downlink from the space shuttle.

  • Cover of Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters

    Lunar Book for the Visually Impaired  →

    The book “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters” features tactile diagrams of the lunar surface. The book is free.

  • Rex Walheim and Doug Hurley

    STS-135 Crew Speaks With Students

    Atlantis Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialist Rex Walheim field questions while in space from "Summer of Innovation" student participants.

  • A shuttle launches from the words 'The Shuttle Experience'

    Space Shuttle Experience  →

    Check out these interactive experiences to learn about the accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program and how it affects your daily life. Visit the Launch Pad for fun games and activities.

  • Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch

    Space Shuttle -- A Mighty Machine

    It began as a dream and has captivated students for 30 years.

  • Two humanoid robots hold hand tools

    Prepared for the Future

    NASA works with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to develop interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Launch of space shuttle Atlantis

    Fly Your Face in Space  →

    Visit this site before the launch to upload an image to be flown aboard the final space shuttle mission. Check back after the launch to print your flight certificate, check on mission status, find NASA educational resources and follow the crew on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Because It Flew logo

    "Because It Flew" Art Contest  →

    Create original artwork that symbolizes the impact of NASA's Space Shuttle Program on our planet and people. Entries from students in grades 4-12 are due Aug. 5, 2011.

  • Four students prepare wheat for an experiment

    Eleven More

    07.12.11 - Through the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, 11 communities will take part in the final space shuttle flight.

  • A man in a blue jumpsuit sits behind a table signing autographs

    NASA and the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals

    06.09.11 - NASA Associate Administrator for Education Leland Melvin serves as guest of honor and keynote speaker at the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals 2011 in Knoxville.

  • A group of students cheer as they hold a team banner

    3,2,1... Launch! Launch! Launch!

    Hundreds of fourth- through sixth-grade students watched as their rockets soared in the seventh annual Intermediate Space Challenge.

  • Screenshot of the Tonight's Sky page

    Tonight's Sky: Highlights of the June Sky  →

    Grab a telescope, binoculars or just a lawn chair, and head out to the backyard for a night of cosmic sightseeing.

  • Union Park Elementary students accept 2010 NASA Optimus Prime Spinoff Awards

    Transforming the Way Students Learn About Technology

    Fifth-graders take home an award for their video on how a NASA technology helps protect skin against exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.