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  • Sonya Hutchinson

    Assuring NASA's Future

    03.12.08 - NASA engineer Sonya Hutchinson gives her time to inspire tomorrow's aerospace workforce.

  • A collage of icy images in the shape of the continent of Antarctica

    Faces of Antarctica

    02.27.08 - There’s more to Antarctica's icy landscape than meets the eye.

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  • An astronaut

    STS-123 Astronaut Webcast

    03.05.08 - Submit a mission-related question to be answered by a NASA astronaut during the live webcast on March 10, 2008.

  • Image of a portion of Antarctica

    Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica  →

    02.19.08 - Discover Antarctica in greater detail than ever before by exploring this virtually cloudless, seamless and high-resolution satellite view of Antarctica.

  • Computer-generated drawing of a little astronaut in a blue suit

    STS-122 Info Orb

    02.06.08 - Help Space Kid collect orbs to learn how the Columbus module will sail to the space station on the STS-122 space shuttle mission.

  • The seven STS-122 crew members wearing training versions of their orange shuttle launch and entry suits

    Columbus Sets Sail

    02.06.08 - The STS-122 shuttle mission will deliver the Columbus laboratory to the space station.

  • Students place model rockets on a row of launch pads

    Soda-Sized Science

    01.30.08 - Small sensor payloads provide students with an opportunity for hands-on experience.

  • 50th Anniversary of the Space Age

    NASA 50th Anniversary Timeline

    01.16.08 - Click through 50 years of NASA history.

  • Rachel Akeson

    Planet Hunter Rachel Akeson

    01.09.08 - Find out how Rachel Akeson became an astronomer and what she likes about her job.

  • Four girls stand with their teacher and hold their award certificates

    Snow Day

    01.03.08 - By studying the impact of asphalt on temperature and snow, Ohio students earn a trip to South Africa.

  • The ISS in orbit above Earth

    Send Holiday Greetings to the Crew

    12.20.07 - Your well wishes will be sent to the Expedition 16 crew on the International Space Station.

  • FIRST Robotics

    NASA to Help Spread Robotics Frenzy

    01.04.08 - Join the excitement as NASA broadcasts the FIRST Robotics Kick-off event on Jan. 5, 2008 starting at 10 a.m. EST. View the event live on NASA TV.

  • 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition

    21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition  →

    Create an audio recording or video short to answer the question: 'What do you think is NASA's greatest exploration achievement in the past 50 years and why?' Submissions are due Jan. 4, 2008.

  • Garrett Yazzie, dressed in traditional Navajo clothing, standing beside a poster about his project

    Junk Yard Genius

    12.12.07 - A science project changes a seventh-grade student's life.

  • An adult male speaking to two female students as he points to a sheet of paper he is holding in his hands.

    Listening to the Universe

    10.22.07 - NASA's Radio JOVE astronomy kit lets students assemble and use a radio telescope.

  • Kevin Jagdipsingh stands beside his poster

    The Real Thing

    11.07.07 - A Brooklyn, N.Y., teenager conducts genuine science with NASA researchers.

  • Artist's depiction of Stardust spacecraft approaching Earth

    Return From a Comet

    01.13.06 - NASA's Stardust probe is coming home and bringing comet dust with it.

  • Two students examine a rocket on a launch pad

    Science in the Sky

    10.17.07 - NASA's Student Launch Initiative involves more than one type of rocket science.

  • Hunter standing next to her science fair project poster

    Hot Topic

    10.03.07 - A student receives awards and scholarships using NASA data to research global warming.