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  • Nehemiah Mabry uses a band saw to cut a material

    NASA Understudy

    09.22.09 - NASA intern Nehemiah Mabry journeys through NASA's high school, undergraduate and, now, graduate student opportunities.

  • David Cruz

    Turning Back Time

    09.22.09 - Paleoclimatology research in a NASA student project provided David Cruz with a "time machine" to Earth's past.

  • Christian Mejia

    Knowledge Is Power

    09.08.09 - New York student Christian Mejia learned how to power houses, cars and careers during a NASA student project.

  • Brandon Lojewski sitting at a computer console

    From a Different View

    09.15.09 - A participant in student rocket competitions watched this summer’s launches from inside the Launch Vehicle Data Center.

  • My (High School) Summer at JPL

    My (High School) Summer at JPL

    09.14.09 - This summer JPL hosted over 300 students through NASA/JPL education programs. Three high school students share their experiences.

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  • Three students holding part of a rocket

    Having a Blast

    09.08.09 - A veteran of NASA rocket competitions spends his summer at NASA using a high-powered impact gun to improve the safety of space exploration.

  • A team of students with a small race car

    Learning By Doing

    09.01.09 - Mechanical engineer Adam Greenbaum did research with NASA in high school. Now he is working to help NASA go back to the moon.

  • STS-128 mission patch

    STS-128 Mission Patch Explorer

    Click on the different parts of the STS-128 mission patch to learn about the mission and the crew.

  • The crew of STS-128 in their orange launch and entry suits

    STS-128: Endings and Beginnings

    08.18.09 - As the shuttle program nears its end, Discovery delivers supplies for a new era on the International Space Station.

  • A map showing arctic sea ice extent

    Scientists of Tomorrow Off to Fast Start

    08.03.09 - Up-and-coming scientists combine creative thinking and NASA data to earn Thacher Scholars awards.

  • Front of the Cosmic Times newspaper for 1919

    Cosmic Times Is Hot off the Presses

    04.14.09 - Trace our understanding of the universe during the last 100 years with six posters resembling newspaper front pages.

  • Jene and Tommy Boots in front of an image of Earth

    Music Video: Take AIM at Climate Change

    05.12.09 - A new music video aims to communicate the science of climate change and raise awareness of the issue.

  • Screenshot of the Rocket Science 101 interactive feature

    Rocket Science 101

    07.21.09 - Assemble a Delta II or Atlas V rocket from main engine to payload fairing!

  • Students in the INSPIRE internship program at NASA Dryden check out one of the two radio-controlled model aircraft before flight tests on Rosamond Dry Lake.

    INSPIRE Student Interns Learning Flight Test First-Hand

    07.15.09 - Student interns in NASA’s INSPIRE program are learning first-hand about the process of flight testing experimental aircraft this summer at NASA Dryden.

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  • Cosmic Corridor

    Cosmic Corridor -- STS-127

    Move Space Kid from platform to platform and intercept knowledge about the STS-127 space shuttle mission.

  • Graphic showing Earth, the lunar surface, and the words Apollo 40 Years

    Listen to an Audio "Time Capsule" of the Apollo 11 Mission

    In observance of the 40th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, audio from the entire Apollo 11 mission will be replayed at exactly the same time and date it was broadcast in 1969.

  • John F. Kennedy

    We Choose the Moon  →

    07.14.09 - On July 16, 2009, you are invited to climb aboard Apollo 11 and travel to the moon. The experience will be a real-time visual and audio recreation of the history mission and will last four days.

  • STS-127 crew

    STS-127: Hope Fulfilled

    06.09.09 - Endeavour's crew will deliver the last components of the International Space Station’s Japanese Kibo laboratory module.

  • Looking down the shaft of a drop tower

    Dropping In a Microgravity Environment Competition  →

    06.30.09 - Do you have what it takes to design and build an experiment to be conducted in a NASA research drop tower? Proposals are due on Nov. 2, 2009.

  • A rendering of a sleek supersonic airplane in flight

    Designing a Faster Future

    06.23.09 - High school students address the challenges of supersonic flight.