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  • Two students working on a rocket

    Once Upon a Time, There Was a Rocket

    01.12.10 - A team of young rocket scientists tells the high-flying tale of the rocket they built for NASA's Student Launch Initiative.

  • Space Your Face!

    Space Your Face!

    06.08.09 - Be a part of exploration -- one step, one "groove" at a time! Upload your photo and show friends and family your space moves!

  • A picture showing two smartphone devices

    JPL on the Go!  →

    Use your phone to access the latest news, videos and images from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Astronaut Sandy Magnus

    Cooking in Space

    Astronaut Sandy Magnus puts her culinary skills to work to spice up traditional space food fare aboard the International Space Station.

  • ISS Greetings with Jeff Williams

    Holiday Greetings from the International Space Station

    Season's greetings are offered by International Space Station Commander Jeff Williams in a special video message.

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  • Dan Torczynski floating inside an airplane during a moment of microgravity

    Falling for NASA

    12.15.09 - NASA's student opportunities put engineering student Dan Torczynski in free fall.

  • David Holloway and Matt Reno.

    Tomorrow's Scientists and Engineers Begin with FIRST

    12.02.09 - They're high school students, organizing in teams, learning about fabrication, about public relations and computer programming, computer-aided design, electronics and animation.

  • Images from JPL's Invention Challenge

    Watch Live as Kids Test Their Inventions in Annual Challenge

    12.07.09 - Tune in to see middle- and high-school teams showcase their inventions -- cardboard bridges capable of carrying up to 235 pounds (107 kilograms) -- in this year's Invention Challenge hosted by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

  • The Galileo spacecraft's view of the Moon and Earth

    2012 – A Scientific Reality Check

    11.10.09 - The manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object Office shares with you the scientific realities surrounding the celestial happenings in the year 2012.

  • Robotic Online Virtual Exploration Rover

    ROVER -- Robotic Online Virtual Exploration Rover

    Test your programming skills with ROVER. Guide the robot over an analog of 12 terrain grids without consuming all of its battery power. Watch out for obstacles!

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  • Computer-generated drawing of a little astronaut in a blue suit

    STS-129 Info Orb

    11.13.09 - Help Space Kid collect orbs to learn about the STS-129 space shuttle mission.

  • The crew of STS-129 in their orange launch and entry suits

    STS-129: Continuing the Countdown

    11.10.09 - Atlantis' next mission will help prepare the International Space Station for life without the shuttle.

  • An infrared image of a hand holding a lizard

    What Is It? Learn About Infrared Images  →

    11.03.09 - A lot can be learned about the universe, Earth and everyday objects by viewing them in a different "light." See if you can identify these images shown in infrared.

  • Members of the team with Joyce Winterton and Amber Straughn

    FIRST Among Equals

    10.20.09 - A White House celebration recognizes a NASA-sponsored student robotics team.

  • Olivia Smarr

    Star Student

    10.20.09 - Inspired by a love of astronomy, Olivia Smarr had the opportunity to research star systems at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

  • A group of students pose in front of a NASA Education backdrop

    NASA Student Ambassadors

    09.01.09 - The first inductees into the NASA Student Ambassadors Virtual Community share with other Generation Y students how they got to where they are.

  • Maggie Masetti stands next to a model of a telescope

    Meet Maggie Masetti

    10.14.09 - For more than a decade, NASA education and outreach specialist Maggie Masetti has created ways to make teaching and learning science more fun.

  • Marci Delaney talks with students on a tv screen

    Delaney's Digital World

    10.08.09 - A scientist-turned-educator leads a NASA team that uses technology to bring science to the classroom.

  • Gene Feldman

    Oceans: The Great Unknown

    10.08.09 - Oceanographer Gene Feldman answers questions about a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands, tells how he first became interested in the oceans, and gives his advice to young scientists.

  • The Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope

    School Kids Track LCROSS  →

    09.29.09 - Using a colossal radio telescope in the Mojave Desert, school kids around the world are helping NASA track the LCROSS spacecraft as it heads for a crash landing on the moon.