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  • STS-131 Mission Patch Explorer screenshot

    STS-131 Mission Patch Explorer

    Click on the different parts of the STS-131 mission patch to learn about the mission and the crew.

  • FIRST Robotics logo

    The 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition

    Find out how NASA is participating in the 2010 FIRST Robotics competition.

  • The STS-131 crew poses in orange suits in front of a picture of Earth

    STS-131: Preparing for the Future

    03.30.10 - Space shuttle Discovery's STS-131 mission will help prepare the space station for use when construction is complete.

  • Mars mission simulation in the Utah desert.

    Mars Experiment Design Competition Focuses on Teamwork

    03.26.10 - Space Florida selects three winning school teams whose experiments will be sent to The Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

  • Screenshot of the Galactic Doom game

    Galactic Doom Game  →

    03.23.10 - Sharpen your space sleuthing skills and help Epo and Alkina determine the fate of our galaxy!

  • Screenshot of Magneto Bowling

    Magneto Bowling  →

    03.16.10 - Knock down pins with a proton ball in a magnetized lane. Place the electrical wires to create the correct magnetic fields to keep the proton in the lane. Knock down the pins and go to the next lane.

  • Screenshot of the Mission:Science Web site

    Mission: Science  →

    03.09.10 - Check out this new site just for teens! Access current NASA data, conduct real experiments with NASA scientists and find space-related summer internships.

  • Views of the sun in 2000 and 2009

    New Satellite Aims to Make More Sense of the Sun

    03.09.10 - Scientists expect the Solar Dynamics Observatory to provide the most detailed view ever of the sun and improve forecasts of solar activity.

  • Cindy Fuentes

    New Worlds of Opportunity

    03.02.10 - As a Space Grant summer intern, Cindy Fuentes helped NASA work on a planet-hunting telescope.

  • LER App Menu Page

    Lunar Electric Rover Simulator App

    03.02.10 - You don't need a driver's license, but you still need to buckle up as the simulator gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to support a functioning lunar outpost.

  • Kara Karpman

    By the Numbers

    06.23.09 - Kara Karpman used her math skills to conduct research in two NASA student opportunity programs.

  • Chris Randall

    NASA Engineer Honored With 'Trailblazer' Award

    02.23.10 - Marshall Space Flight Center aerospace engineer Chris Randall was honored Feb. 18 for his career achievements.

  • Drawing of an orbit around a planet

    Basics of Space Flight  →

    How do you get to another planet? Can gravity assist you? What is Universal time? Visit this site to learn the answers to these questions and more!

  • A young man lifting weights

    DIY Podcast: Fitness

    02.17.10 - Flex your creative muscle and make your own podcast about staying fit, even in space.

  • A screenshot from the game showing the exterior of the space station

    Station Spacewalk Game

    NASA's Station Spacewalk Game simulates what it's like to work outside a spacecraft.

  • STS-130 astronauts.

    STS-130: Window of Opportunity

    02.02.10 - Endeavour's STS-130 mission will deliver a new module to the space station, along with a beautiful view.

  • A rendering of a sleek supersonic airplane in flight

    Envisioning Future Flight

    01.26.10 - NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics Student Competition challenges participants to design aircraft of the future.

  • Emily Calandrelli smiles as she floats aboard an airplane

    Already a Star, Calandrelli Tells Students to Aim High

    01.26.10 - An accomplished college senior encourages students to pursue majors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Balloonsat logo

    Balloonsat High Altitude Flight Competition

    The NASA Balloonsat High Altitude Flight competition, sponsored by the NASA Glenn Research Center Educational Programs Office and the Teaching From Space Program, is an opportunity for students to experience an authentic flight mission, like that of a sounding rocket, from start to finish.

  • The Crab Nebula

    Space-Themed Wallpaper  →

    Deck out your desktop with these celestial backgrounds.