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  • Christina Coleman

    Read All About It

    10.19.10 - A NASA public affairs Stay-in-School student is on a mission to share NASA's research and discoveries with the world.

  • Two interns in front of a picture of a comet

    A 'Tail' to Tell  →

    Two high school students have a cosmic story to share about their summer internship at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Cartoon showing Cindi standing on a satellite

    Comic Relief Helps Explain NASA Science

    10.13.10 - Cindi, a spiky-haired android space girl, helps students visualize a NASA mission that produces no pretty pictures.

  • Cody Whitelock

    Up in the Air

    10.05.10 - NASA Scholar Cody Whitelock spent the summer launching rockets at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

  • Tanya Petach sits on a raft in a river

    Petach's Passion for the Unknown

    09.21.10 - A Colorado high school student thrives on seeking answers to unanswered questions in Earth and space science.

  • Smith and a co-worker pedal a moonbuggy

    Go Backstage With NASA Education

    09.28.10 - NASA education writer Heather R. Smith takes readers behind the scenes with a new blog.

  • Artist's concept of Cassini spacecraft

    'Scientist for a Day' Student Contest Now Underway

    How do scientists decide what images the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft should take? Students can learn the scientific process when they enter an essay contest.

  • The Space Exploration Vehicle in the Arizona desert

    Desert RATS Testing

    09.14.10 - This video shows the Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS) team testing procedures and equipment that could one day be a part of human spaceflight missions to the moon and Mars.

  • Robonaut 2 lifts a 20-pound weight

    What Is Robonaut?  →

    Learn more about this robotic helper that's heading to the space station on the STS-133 mission. See pictures of Robonaut, become a fan on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.

  • Star Wars Celebration V Display

    Star Wars Fans to NASA: Build a Hyperdrive

    08.16.10 - "Star Wars" actors and fans push NASA to develop some technological favorites from the movies.

  • Webb/Hubble

    James Webb vs. Hubble

    The James Webb Space Telescope has been called the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. How will the Webb telescope be different than Hubble?

  • A Geminid meteor streaks across the sky

    How to See the Best Meteor Showers of the Year  →

    Insider tips on 2010's and 2011's meteor showers and how to make the most of each opportunity to watch a visitor from space take that final dive.

  • While students Brandon Le and Jessica Bacchus hold the aircraft in place, NASA Dryden operations engineer Leslie Monforton of Tybrin Corp. prepares to start its engine.

    NASA’s INSPIRE Interns Learn Flight Testing First-hand

    08.04.10 - Eight high school students who participated in the INSPIRE internship program at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center this summer learned first-hand about the start-to-finish process of flight testing experimental aircraft.

  • Milky J gives Hubble a 'fist pound'

    'NASA Gotchu!': Milky J Pays a Visit to NASA

    08.10.10 - The "Hubble Gotchu!" guy, famous for his sketches on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," paid NASA a visit last month. The resulting video aired last week!

  • Screenshot of the Asteroid Watch Widget

    Asteroid Watch Widget  →

    08.04.10 - This tool from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory tracks asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth.

  • A cartoon astronaut stands on a beach

    Know Your Earth

    07.27.10 - This animated video shares a series of fascinating facts about how climate change affects oceans, land, atmosphere and ice sheets around the world.

  • JPL high school intern Jessica Liang

    Senior Year Can Wait -- I'm Working at JPL!

    07.26.10 - High school intern Jessica Liang shares her experiences this summer working with the Mars Public Engagement team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Students watching a screen showing video from the space station

    The Code of the Space Robots

    07.20.10 - High school students program small bowling-ball-sized robots on the International Space Station.

  • Brigitte Berman looks at equipment on board an airplane

    Students on Hayabusa Mission

    This summer, three Massachusetts high school students became the youngest people ever to serve on a NASA science team.

  • The space shuttle launching in the dark

    Night and Day

    07.07.10 - A group of space-minded Girl Scouts "ooh" and "ah" at the night launch of space shuttle Endeavour.