NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race -- 2009
A moonbuggy rounds a curve on the track

The Great Moonbuggy Race teaches students lessons they can't learn in a classroom. Image Credit: NASA
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NASA's 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race Results Posted on Marshall Center Newsroom Web Site April 4
The winners of NASA's 16th annual Great Moonbuggy Race, to be held April 3-4 at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., will be posted to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Web site.

NASA's Off-world Racing Begins April 3 at 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race
Approximately 75 high school and college teams from around the world will converge on Huntsville April 3-4 for off-world racing in NASA's 16th annual Great Moonbuggy Race.

Space, Race Enthusiasts Can Count Down to NASA's 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race on Facebook, Twitter, 'Buggy Blog'
More than 80 student teams at high schools, colleges and universities around the globe are gearing up for NASA's 16th annual Great Moonbuggy Race.

Off-World Racing with Tomorrow's Space-Age Engineers: 88 Teams Sign Up for NASA's 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race April 3-4
Off-road racing is just so...terrestrial. Off-world racing is the name of the game at NASA's 16th annual Great Moonbuggy Race, where more than 80 student teams from around the globe will gather in Huntsville, Ala., to propel wheeled lunar rovers of their own design across a simulated moonscape -- one like no other race course on Earth.

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Features and Images From Previous Races

NASA's 'Great Moonbuggy Race' News and Photos Archive
Read news and view photo galleries from past Great Moonbuggy Races.

Driving Lessons -- 2008
In its 15th year, NASA's annual Great Moonbuggy Race continues each year to draw more and more student teams from high schools and colleges across the nation and around the world.
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The Drive for Lunar Exploration -- 2008
NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race competition began in 1994 as part of an anniversary celebration of the first Apollo moon landing.

Lunar Legacy -- 2008
NASA scientists and engineers -- including a former moonbuggy contestant -- are inspiring the next generation of explorers at the annual Great Moonbuggy Race.

International Teams Join Moonbuggy Race -- 2007
Going back to the time of pioneer rocket developer Wernher von Braun, great advances in space technology have come from German engineers and scientists at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Now, a new generation of German engineers and scientists is coming to town.

Moonbuggy Victory -- 2007
Persistence paid off for engineering students from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Students from the Rochester, N.Y., institution came in first place this year in the college division at NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race.

Take a Drive on the Moon -- 2006
The Great Moonbuggy Race challenges students to design a vehicle that addresses a series of engineering problems similar to those faced by the team that designed the original Apollo-era lunar rover.

With Eyes on the Moon, Student Teams Getting Ready for 12th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race -- 2005
They're working in classrooms, garages and shops all across the country -- and beyond -- inspired by past space explorers and future space missions. They're trying to figure out the best way to design, build and race a human-powered buggy capable of traveling around a half-mile track on Earth.

How to Fit a Buggy Into a Box -- 2004
What is built by students, powered by humans and must fit into a four foot cube? A Great Moonbuggy Race vehicle, of course!

To the Moon, One Pedal at a Time -- 2004
One day they might be racing "Marsbuggies." Or they might become the engineers who design 21st century buggies that carry future explorers across the moon. But this month, these high school and college students are getting ready to 'buggy' across a simulated lunar surface.

Moonbuggies: Start Your Engines -- 2004
Moonbuggies by the dozen -- that's what you'll see at NASA's Annual Great Moonbuggy Race. Every spring high school and college students from across the country gather at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to compete in this annual competition.