Watch the 2012 FIRST Robotics Kick-Off Event

    FIRST Robotics competition at the Long Beach Convention Center in 2011
    The 2012 FIRST Robotics Kick-Off Event took place Jan. 7, 2012 at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester. During the event, FIRST founder Dean Kamen and designers of the annual challenge revealed the competition scenario for 2012. This kicks off a six-week design and building frenzy for more than 2,000 teams, or 50,000 students and engineering mentors in this year's competition.

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The 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition

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    FIRST is a spirited competition using sophisticated robotics technology. Image Credit: FIRST

    The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, nationwide competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way.

    For many years, the NASA Robotics Alliance Project has been supporting participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition by providing grants to high school teams as well as sponsoring FIRST regional competitions.

    Providing support to competitions like FIRST Robotics is one way the NASA Robotics Alliance Project strives to create a human, technical and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to aid future robotic space exploration missions.

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