Biographical Data
Mark Sonoda
Mark Sonoda
Name: Mark Sonoda

Job Title: Station Training Lead, DT CAPCOM

Personal Data: Born December 19, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois and considers Chicago to be his hometown.

Education: Graduated from Lane Technical High School, Chicago, Illinois in 1986; and received a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from Parks College of Saint Louis University in 1989. He is married to the former Crisy Leigh Hershey of Clear Lake, Texas.

Years at NASA: 13 years.

NASA Experience: Hired by Rockwell Space Operations in January 1990, Sonoda spent a little over a year analyzing entry guidance and trajectories in the Flight Design and Dynamics Division of the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD). In April of 1991 he transferred to the Guidance, Control and Propulsion Group in MODs Training Division where he was certified as Control Instructor and was assigned to train the STS-68 and STS-72 crews. He was also certified as an Approach and Landing Specialty Instructor. In 1996 he transferred to the International Space Station Avionics Group in the Training Division and was assigned to train the STS-92 crew for the ISS-3A mission as a Command and Data Handling System Instructor. After STS-92, he was selected as a Station Training Lead and has been responsible for training the STS-110 crew and Flight Control Team for the ISS-8A mission, the Expedition 7 crew, the Expedition 8 crew and currently the Expedition 9 crew. He is currently a certified ISS Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM).

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