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FMA Live! Where Science Rocks
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Racers prepare to start
Are you ready to rock? Let the Laws of Motion move you in the coolest concert of the year! The concert everyone is excited to see won't be found in an arena or coliseum, but in an unexpected place - your school. Sponsored by NASA and Honeywell, the "FMA Live! Where Science Rocks" tour is traveling across the country to teach kids how cool science really is. Students have a blast learning about Sir Isaac Newton, his Laws of Motion and the Universal Law of Gravity through music, exciting demonstrations, videos and the latest dance moves.

NASA knows it is very important to teach kids how much fun science and math can be. "FMA Live!" may inspire students to go to school to become scientists, engineers or NASA astronauts. After all, students sitting in classrooms today will someday be our country's next explorers. They could even travel to Mars and beyond!

Dr. Adena Loston with the three actors that portray Force, Mass, and Acceleration in the FMA Live! play
NASA's Associate Administrator for Education, Dr. Adena Loston, talks to the stars of the show, the characters "Force", "Acceleration" and "Mass" played by Jason Nash, Jess Zaino, and Payton Witzke
"FMA Live! Where Science Rocks" will be making stops at middle schools all over the country for years to come, so if you don't see the FMA tour bus rolling in to your school this year, keep looking. Who knows? The hard rock sounds of FMA may be coming to a school near you soon. Just think FMA, Newton's Second Law of Motion - force equals mass times acceleration. NASA and Honeywell are out to accelerate the excitement of learning, and inspire you and your friends to see science and math in a whole new light.

Cast members for FMA Live!
The cast of "FMA Live! Where Science Rocks," bring their characters to life

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