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Do Martians Exist?

Martian Microbe?
Martian Microbe?
If "Martians" ever existed, they wouldn't be "little green men" as we might think. There was probably not enough water on Mars for anything but very small, single-celled life-forms to exist.

Even the idea of finding the smallest life-forms, however, is really exciting. As far as we know, life has only developed on one planet: Earth. If we found any kind of life on Mars, it would radically change the way we think. Then, we could start thinking about life in other places in the Universe.

Finding Signs of Life on Mars

Finding life isn't exactly easy. It's a little easier to define what life means on Earth. Have we fully considered what alien life might be like? What if we were only looking for the kind of life that we find on Earth? Could we miss the other kinds of life that might be possible?

Questions like these are being asked by astrobiologists. These are the scientists who study life and its possibilities throughout the Universe.