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 05.25.06 - JPL Announces New Explorer School Partnerships
Students from two San Diego schools will expand their knowledge of science and space, thanks to a new partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.
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 05.24.06 - New Space Observations Poised to Save Lives From Floods, Landslides
Using NASA's advanced Earth-observing satellites, scientists have discovered a new opportunity to build early detection systems that might protect thousands from floods and landslides.
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 05.24.06 - NASA Set to Welcome European Space Station Component
The European Space Agency's research laboratory, designated Columbus, will arrive at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30.
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 05.19.06 - International Space Station Status Report: SS06-024
n space this week, a satellite flew within a satellite. International Space Station Flight Engineer Jeff Williams "piloted" a unique spacecraft in three dimensions for the first time around the pressurized Destiny module.
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 05.18.06 - NASA Wants Your Innovative Ideas
NASA is seeking proposals for creating and managing innovative activities, events, products, services and other education methods for increasing America's science and technological literacy.
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 05.18.06 - JPL to Hold Small Business Symposium in Nation's Capital
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., will host the 9th Space Science Symposium for Small Business on Monday, June 5, at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, Va.
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 05.18.06 - Better, Faster Spacecraft Designs: New Software System Offers Promise Of NASA-Wide Collaboration
Thanks to a recently launched NASA software system, more efficient space mission planning soon could be a reality.
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 05.18.06 - NASA Set to Launch Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2008
After successful completion of its mission confirmation review on Wednesday, May 17, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project has been given the authority to proceed to the implementation phase.
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 05.17.06 - NASA Finalizes Crews for Upcoming Shuttle Missions
NASA has finalized crew assignments for two space shuttle missions targeted for launch in 2007 to continue assembly of the International Space Station.
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 05.17.06 - NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery Cargo Ready for Flight
The payloads that will launch aboard the next space shuttle mission, STS-121, arrived Wednesday at Launch Pad 39-B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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 05.15.06 - NASA Releases Accident Report Summary
NASA released a summary Monday of the findings about why its Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology spacecraft did not complete its mission and collided with the intended rendezvous satellite on April 15, 2005.
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 05.12.06 - NASA Automated Rocket Safety System Passes Key Test
NASA has successfully demonstrated a new automated system which may enhance launch safety and reduce costs for access to space.
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 05.12.06 - International Space Station Astronaut Calls Home
If E.T. can phone home, so can NASA astronaut Jeff Williams. Williams, a member of the International Space Station's Expedition 13 crew, will talk to students from the Winter School District in Wisconsin from 10:35 a.m. to 10:55 a.m. EDT Thursday, May 18.
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 05.12.06 - NASA'S Space Shuttle Processing Status Report: S06-016
NASA's space shuttle fleet is housed and processed at Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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 05.10.06 - Spitzer Telescope Sees Trail of Comet Crumbs
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has snapped a picture of the bits and pieces making up Comet 73P/Schwassman-Wachmann 3, which is continuing to break apart on its periodic journey around the sun.
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 05.09.06 - NASA Agrees to Cooperate With India on Lunar Mission
NASA will have two scientific instruments on India's maiden voyage to the moon.
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 05.09.06 - Tibet Provides Passage for Chemicals to Reach the Stratosphere
NASA and university researchers have found that thunderstorms over Tibet provide a main pathway for water vapor and chemicals to travel from the lower atmosphere, where human activity directly affects atmospheric composition, into the stratosphere, where the protective ozone layer resides.
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 05.08.06 - Student Teams Launch Rockets and Bring Home Awards from NASA
To many people, model rocketry is just a hobby.
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 05.05.06 - NASA Announces New Explorer Schools
NASA welcomed twenty-six new NASA Explorer Schools on Friday in a partnership to inspire students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
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 05.05.06 - NASA's New Planetary Drill is a 60-Watt Time Tunnel
Geologists, biologists and archaeologists for years have used core samples to look back in time, tunneling through layers of soil and stone to study history.
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 05.05.06 - International Space Station Module to Arrive in Florida This Month
Columbus is embarking on a new journey to the United States.
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