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09.23.04 - Remarks at the Forum on Earth Observations
These satellite observations added to NOAA's hurricane forecasting center capability to give advance warning of the storms' formation.
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09.18.04 - Remarks at Ed White Hospital Rededication Ceremony
Ed White's dramatic spacewalk on the Gemini 4 mission ranks as one of the most defining moments in the annals of exploration.
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09.17.04 - Remarks at the University of Missouri Life Sciences Center Dedication
The Life Sciences Center will conduct research that will help NASA deal with the physical challenges astronauts' face in long-term spaceflight.
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09.10.04 - Remarks at North Stonington (CT) Education Foundation
This next generation of explorers will help bring about the new commerce that our expanded technological reach into space will enable.
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09.09.04 - NASA Remembers September 11
I urge all members of the NASA family to make the effort this month to take practical steps to prepare yourselves and your families for any emergency, from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack.
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09.08.04 - Senate Testimony by Administrator O'Keefe
The Administrator discusses Shuttle Return to Flight efforts with the Senate Committe on Commerce, Science and Transportation.
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09.02.04 - Labor Day Message
As we approach the Labor Day holiday, I wish to salute our NASA family members -- public servants and contractors alike -- for the hard work and diligence that enabled us to make exploration history this year in orbit around Saturn, on the surface of Mars, onboard the International Space Station, and in many other ways.
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08.04.04 - SMART Tech Trends Conference
"NASA is beginning a new Scholarship for Service Program, which will provide financial assistance to promising undergraduate and graduate students and an opportunity to work for NASA. In this way, we intend to truly build up the bench strength of our agency."
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07.28.04 - Remarks at AirVenture 2004
"Drawing on the historic role of the Ortig Prize in inspiring Lindbergh's trans Atlantic flight, and now the X-Prize in encouraging private sector spaceflight, through our new Centennial Challenges program, we want to establish a competition to stimulate private sector innovation in new space and aeronautics technologies."
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07.20.04 - Remarks at the Apollo 11 Anniversary Event
"Here we are, in the midst of another great age of exploration, thrilled to have under one roof so many heroes who've sailed over the far horizon to the shores of space and back, including to a dusty Sea named Tranquility."
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