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A Taste of Space
Whet your readers' appetite with little-known food facts from space that give new definition to eating out.

The first American astronaut to eat in space dined on applesauce squeezed from a no-frills, aluminum toothpaste-like tube. Since then, food technology has cooked up better ways to prepare, package and preserve space fare in a tastier, more appetizing fashion.

Today, humans are living in space aboard the International Space Station for as long as six months at a time. As America journeys back to the Moon and on to Mars, advances for food to withstand years in space will serve up more improvements in space and on Earth.

Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka with floating fruit
Image above: Crews living for months aboard the International Space Station look forward to the rare deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables. Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka appears to juggle some fruit that arrived on an unpiloted Progress spacecraft several months into his mission. + Visit the Space Food Gallery. Credit: NASA

Follow the Food: Starting up to a year in advance, the life of space food takes it from the development lab in Houston, to Russia, and then launched more than 200 miles into space for an astronaut meal weeks or even months later.

Space Farmers: Learn about the future of space food and how astronauts may one day grow their own crops in space for salads and other fresh foods.

Savory Food Science: Learn the science behind food prepared for space and how it differs from food on Earth. Today astronauts have more than 200 different food and beverage choices to select from. See how food scientists at NASA are cooking it up to add more variety to astronaut diets.

From the Cosmos to Your Countertop: Food technologies developed to meet the challenges in space have dished up neat eats on Earth. From potato chip packages and hot air ovens to shelf-life food and nutritional infant formula, space food has enhanced everyday food.

Sweet Space: Highlight snacks and astronaut desserts like plum-cherry cobbler, honey cake, berry medley and chocolate breakfast drink that satisfy astronauts' sweet tooth in space.

Media seeking more information on space food or to schedule an interview, please contact the Communications and Media Outreach team, NASA Public Affairs, Johnson Space Center, 281-483-5111.