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Space Food Fact Sheets
Conceptual art of astronaut in greenhouse
Image above: As seen in this artist's rendering, astronauts exploring Mars will build hydroponic growth labs where vegetables can be grown. These crops will provide the crew with added nutrition and variety.Click image above for high-resolution image (3.8 Mb). Credit: NASA

Space Food
Many people are curious about what astronauts eat in space. NASA nutritionists make sure they have plenty of healthy, appetizing food while they're living in orbit.
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Incredible Edibles from Space
Space food technology spinoffs benefit dining rooms throughout the world. NASA licenses dozens of space-age technologies and connects with the private sector for the creation of products that improve lives here on Earth.
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Cosmic Cuisine
NASA space food scientists are developing an Advanced Food System that will provide future crews traveling to the moon and Mars with safe, nutritious and appetizing food while minimizing volume, mass and waste.
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Space Station Overview
It's home to astronauts and cosmonauts who are conducting scientific research to help improve life here on Earth. The Space Station is an orbital laboratory where experiments can float.
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Media seeking more information on space food or to schedule an interview, please contact the Communications and Media Outreach team, NASA Public Affairs, Johnson Space Center, 281-483-5111.