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Space Food Biographies
Vickie Kloeris
Manager, Space Food Systems Laboratory
Vickie Kloeris oversees nutrition requirements for astronauts and ensures plenty of consumables are available for shuttle and station missions.
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Michele Perchonok
Advanced Food System Lead at NASA Johnson Space Center
Michele Perchonok's responsibilities include space food product development, menu definition, nutritional requirements implementation, food processing, and food packaging development for long duration exploratory missions.
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William McArthur
NASA Astronaut
A veteran of three space shuttle missions, William McArthur launched aboard a Soyuz TMA spacecraft on Sept. 30, 2005 for a six month tour of duty on the international space station as the commander of Expedition 12.
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Valery Tokarev
Valery Tokarev is the flight engineer on the Expedition-12 crew. Previously he flew on STS-96, a 10-day mission to the international space station to deliver 4 tons of logistics and supplies.
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Media seeking more information on space food or to schedule an interview, please contact the Communications and Media Outreach team, NASA Public Affairs, Johnson Space Center, 281-483-5111.