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Week 7: To Drink or Not to Drink
Dauna Coulter samples the final product from water reclamation. Today was my last day of running for science. I’ll miss the little module. It's been kind of a haven for me. As one of my running friends says about going to work, "It lets me escape from my real world."

It's time to tie up loose ends and say goodbye.

First, the baby was named "Addison Grace," "Addie" for short -- not U-rene. Thank goodness.

Image at right: The moment of reckoning has arrived -- Coulter samples the "product." Image credit: NASA

Second, my son Dan did not lose any weight by wearing the heavy coat and wool knit cap in our restroom at home with the hot shower running full blast, but I think the latest girlfriend still likes him.

Third, in case anyone is still wondering, no, I did not have to drink it. But read on.

The water produced during our exercise sessions has not been tested yet, so it was not offered for drinking. Water from the last round of tests is available, however, and we were given a choice to drink or not to drink.

I decided to "just do it" after I finished my last run in the module. I had come this far, so I figured I might as well see this thing all the way through. The act of sampling the "product" seemed like a fitting climax to my experience. And they did say that this water is cleaner than the water from our faucets.

After my run, there was a nice bottle of the "wrong stuff" waiting for me. (Please excuse my reuse of that overused phrase, but it is oh so applicable here.)

Cheers! Down the hatch! I guzzled an entire...sip.

Hmmm -- subtle but impressive. On the palate, surprisingly crisp and fresh, with a hint of something I can't quite (and don't want to) put my finger on. Not so bad!

Nevertheless, hand me that bottle of Gatorade.

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Dauna Coulter (Schafer Corporation)
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center