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Astronaut Health Reviews
In February 2007, NASA requested that an independent external committee conduct a comprehensive review of health services available to astronauts. At the same time, NASA's Johnson Space Center began an internal assessment of behavioral medicine practices for astronauts. In response to the findings of both reviews, NASA gathered additional data through an anonymous survey of astronauts and flight surgeons. The final report of the survey will be used to develop plans to address any needed changes in NASA's organizational policies and procedures governing astronaut health care.

+ Johnson Space Center Astronaut and Flight Surgeon Survey Report -- January 2008 (56 Kb PDF)

Congressional Hearing on Astronaut Health Issues -- Sept. 6, 2007

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and other agency officials testified at a Congressional hearing on astronaut health issues. Transcripts of their statements to the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, Committee on Science and Technology are posted here:

+ Administrator Michael Griffin (24 Kb PDF)
+ Ellen Ochoa, Director, Flight Crew Operations (34 Kb PDF)
+ Bryan D. O'Connor Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance (40 Kb PDF)
+ Dr. Richard S. Williams, Chief Health and Medical Officer (28 Kb PDF)
+ Unofficial Hearing Transcript (184 Kb PDF)

Findings of NASA Safety Review Following Astronaut Health Reviews -- Aug. 29, 2007

A NASA safety review has found no evidence to support claims that astronauts were impaired by alcohol when they flew in space. NASA chief of Safety and Mission Assurance Bryan O'Connor conducted the month-long review to evaluate allegations included in the Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee's report, which was released in late July.

Below are the Space Flight Safety Review and openings statements from Administrator Griffin and Bryan O'Connor, Chief, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. A transcript and video of the event are posted below.

+ Administrator Griffin's Opening Remarks (24 Kb PDF)
+ Opening Remarks of Bryan O'Connor (12 Kb PDF)
+ Space Flight Safety Review (256 Kb PDF)
+ Press Release
+ Video (WindowsMedia)
+ Transcript: Aug. 29, 2007 News Conference (68 Kb PDF)

In July, NASA released the findings of two studies at news conference in Washington, five months after the agency requested that an independent external committee conduct a comprehensive review of health services available to astronauts. Both studies were initiated in the aftermath of the arrest in February of former astronaut Lisa Nowak.

The first assessment of astronaut behavioral medicine procedures, an internal review, was completed by NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston. The second assessment, a broader review by outside experts called the Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee, was organized by NASA Chief Health and Medical Officer Dr. Richard Williams.

Those reports, and information from the press briefing from July 27, are available at:

+ Statement From Deputy Administrator Shana Dale (20 Kb PDF) | + Briefing Photos
+ NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee Report to the Administrator (81 Kb PDF)
+ Johnson Space Center Internal Review Findings (236 Kb PDF)
+ Public Medical Review Fact Sheet (32 Kb PDF)
+ Frequently Asked Questions
Video of July 27 News Conference:
+ Download Video (RealMedia; 133 MB, 80 minutes) | + View Streaming Video
+ Transcript: July 27 News Conference (100 Kb PDF)