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2004 Astronaut Class
NASA has introduced the 2004 class of Astronaut Candidates, the first focused from the very beginning on realizing the new Vision for Space Exploration. The 11 candidates include three educator astronauts, six mission specialists and two pilots.

+ View Astronaut Bios (PDF, 40Kb)

High Resolution Photos:

Group Photo
Joe Acaba, Mission Specialist-Educator
Ricky Arnold, Mission Specialist-Educator
Randy Bresnik, Pilot (picture not available)
Chris Cassidy, Mission Specialist
Jim Dutton, Pilot
Shane Kimbrough, Mission Specialist
Jose Hernandez, Mission Specialist
Tom Marshburn, Mission Specialist
Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Mission Specialist-Educator
Bobby Satcher, Mission Specialist
Shannon Walker, Mission Specialist

President Bush's Space Day message: 394 Kb PDF

The Vision for Space Exploration: 1.9 Mb PDF | 5.3 Mb PDF