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Space Sounds Hint of Rings Around Saturn's Moon Rhea - Audio Clips
Half a dozen instruments on NASA's Cassini spacecraft have found evidence of rings around Saturn's second largest moon, Rhea. This would be the first discovery ever of rings around a moon. The discovery was made when Cassini monitored "signatures" of electrons around Rhea. There were gaps in the electron signatures on either side of Rhea, indicating the electrons were being blocked.

More information on Cassini is at http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov .

CUT 1 – Natural sound of electrons around Saturn's moon Rhea, detected by instruments on the Cassini spacecraft. The pattern of the gaps in the data led scientists to propose that Rhea rings around it.
Running time: :30
OUT: Sound ends abruptly
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Transcript of CUT 1: Static-type hissing sound of electrons around Rhea includes several short gaps and a longer gap in the middle.

CUT 2 – Cassini scientist Geraint (geh-RINT—rhymes with Pint) explains how they discovered what appear to be rings around Rhea. Jones, currently with University College London, did the Rhea research while at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.
Running time: :18
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Transcript of CUT 2: "The instruments from Rhea sent really unique signatures, and so we've looked at several possibilities and the only one that seems to fit with the data we have is that there's a ring, a disk of debris surrounding Rhea, maybe containing rings as well."