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11.14.06 - Briefing, NASA TV Coverage Set for Space Station Spacewalk
NASA officials will hold a briefing at 1 p.m. CST Thursday, Nov. 16, to discuss an upcoming spacewalk from the International Space Station.
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11.13.06 - NASA Schedules Dark Energy Discovery Media Teleconference
NASA will host a media teleconference with Hubble astronomers at 1 p.m. EST Thursday, Nov. 16, to announce the discovery that dark energy has been an ever-present constituent of space for most of the universe's history.
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11.09.06 - NASA Schedules First Live HDTV Broadcast From Space
NASA makes history on Nov. 15 week with the first live broadcasts from space in High Definition television (HDTV).
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11.09.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-049
The ISS crew spent the week getting ready for an upcoming spacewalk, performing scientific research.
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11.08.06 - High School Students to Chat With Space Station Crew
NASA and the U.S Department of Education will host a live, ultra-long distance call with the crew of the International Space Station at 9:21 a.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the U.S. Department of Education, Washington.
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11.09.06 - NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System Turns 30
NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System recently marked its 30-year anniversary. The confidential reporting system is widely used by pilots and other airline employees to identify potential safety hazards.
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11.09.06 - NASA Sees Into the Eye of a Monster Storm on Saturn
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has seen something never before seen on another planet -- a hurricane-like storm at Saturn's South Pole with a well-developed eye, ringed by towering clouds.
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11.08.06 - NASA Awards Systems and Services Contract
NASA has selected Alcatel Alenia Space, Toulouse, France for award of a $50,000 Rapid Spacecraft Development Office II contract.
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11.08.06 - NASA Honors Apollo Moon Walker
NASA will honor former astronaut Charles 'Pete' Conrad for his involvement in the U.S. space program with the presentation of the Ambassador of Exploration Award at 2 p.m. EST, Saturday, Nov. 18.
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11.03.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-048
Repair of an oxygen generator, robotic arm operations and cargo unpacking were the top priorities aboard the International Space Station this week.
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11.03.06 - NASA Awards Aircraft Operations Systems Support Contract
Johnson Space Center, Houston, has awarded a three-year $19.8 million Aircraft Operations Systems Support contract to Science Applications International Corp., of San Diego.
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11.03.06 - Newly Returned Station Astronaut Available for Interviews
NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, back from six months on the International Space Station, will be available for satellite interviews from 6:15 to 8:30 a.m. EST Thursday, Nov. 9.
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11.03.06 - NASA Announces Astronauts' Appearance at Veterans Job Fair
NASA astronauts Joe Tanner and Dan Burbank will give job candidates their perspective Monday about using military experience to build careers at an employment fair exclusively for veterans.
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11.01.06 - Space Shuttle Discovery Rolls to Vehicle Assembly Building
NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery completed one milestone and is nearing another as workers prepare the orbiter for a December launch to the ISS.
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10.31.06 - NASA Approves Mission and Names Crew for Return to Hubble
Shuttle astronauts will make one final house call to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope as part of a mission to extend and improve the observatory's capabilities through 2013.
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10.30.06 - NASA Announces Discovery Program Selections
NASA Monday selected concept studies for missions that would return a sample of an enigmatic asteroid, probe the chemistry of Venus' atmosphere and reveal the interior structure and history of the Earth's moon.
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10.30.06 - NASA Awards Goddard Mission Assurance Services Contract
NASA has selected SRS Technologies, Newport Beach, Calif., for award of a Mission Assurance Services Contract.
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10.27.06 - NASA Sets Hubble Servicing Mission Decision Announcement
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will announce on Tuesday, Oct. 31, a decision on a space shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.
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10.26.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-047
A shipment of supplies arrived at the International Space Station Thursday as the ISS Progress 23 cargo ship docked to the outpost.
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10.26.06 - Discovery Set for Move to Vehicle Assembly Building
NASA invites news media to witness an important milestone for the upcoming Space Shuttle Discovery mission, designated STS-116.
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