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11.10.05 - NASA Flying Wing Model Soars in Historic Wind Tunnel
NASA researchers are testing a design for a flying wing, called a blended wing body.
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11.09.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report: E05-017
Launch preparations will resume once two issues are resolved: the Boeing technicians' strike and the problem encountered while testing batteries used for the flight termination system of the Delta II.
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11.09.05 - NASA and Partners Join to Inspire Students
NASA has partnered with Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. and Houghton Mifflin Company to engage students in science and mathematics.
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11.09.05 - Griffin’s Statement on Cooperation With Russia
"NASA appreciates the efforts of Congress to resolve restrictions placed on our partnership with Russia."
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11.08.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-052
Spacewalkers McArthur and Tokarev installed a new camera and discarded an inactive science probe.
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11.07.05 - NASA Establishes Commercial Crew/Cargo Project Office
The project office will spur private industry to provide cost-effective access to low-Earth orbit and the international space station in support of the Vision for Space Exploration.
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11.07.05 - NASA Names New Johnson Center Director
Former Astronaut, Michael L. Coats, has been named director of NASA's Johnson Space Center.
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11.07.05 - NASA Honors Legendary Astronaut
Retired astronaut Richard Gordon, Jr. receives the Ambassador of Exploration award during a ceremony at 5 p.m. EST, Saturday, November 19, 2005, in Seattle.
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11.07.05 - NASA Honors Legendary Astronaut
Retired astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr. receives the Ambassador of Exploration award during a ceremony at 2 p.m. EST, Wednesday, November 16 at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.
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11.04.05 - Shana Dale Confirmed as Deputy Administrator
Administrator Griffin applauded the Senate's confirmation of Shana Dale as NASA's deputy administrator.
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11.04.05 - Shuttle Status Report: S05-031
Shuttle Discovery's main landing gear wheel and tire assembly and installation and pyrotechnic connection are complete.
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11.04.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-051
The Expedition 12 crew prepared for the mission's first spacewalk and kept the station ship-shape this week.
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11.04.05 - First Black Mission-Control Flight Director
Kwatsi Alibaruho completed more than 700 hours of training and began active duty in August. Alibaruho is the first African-American to lead Mission Control as a flight director for the International Space Station.
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11.02.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report: E05-016
The CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites are installed within the Dual Payload Attach Fitting at the Astrotech payload processing facilities.
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11.02.05 - NASA Appoints Constellation Program Managers
Jeffrey Hanley has been appointed manager of NASA's Constellation Program to lead development of the nation's new spacecraft and launch system.
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11.01.05 - NASA Marks Five Years on Space Station
Crews have lived and worked on the station more than 1,800 consecutive days.
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11.01.05 - Satellite Detects Massive Star Partner
Scientists using NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer satellite made the first direct detection of a companion star of Eta Carinae.
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10.31.05 - ELV Status Report: E05-015
NASA, Boeing and the Air Force are addressing the problem encountered while testing batteries used for the flight termination system of the Delta II.
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10.31.05 - Spacewalk Briefing and TV Coverage
The first spacewalk for the Expedition 12 space station crew is the subject of a 2 p.m. EST media briefing on Thursday, Nov. 3
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10.31.05 - World Space Law Competition
Kristie Blase and Olivia Hussey, two former interns in the General Counsel's Office, were the winning team members on Oct. 20.
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