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12.14.05 - NASA Announces Pluto Mission Briefing
NASA will brief news media about the New Horizons mission to Pluto and its moon Charon at 1 p.m. EST, Monday at the agency's headquarters, 300 E Street SW, Washington.
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12.09.05 - Shuttle Status Report: S05-035
Technicians continue to process Discovery for NASA's second space shuttle Return to Flight test mission, STS-121.
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12.09.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-057
Expedition 12 Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev focused on keeping the International Space Station in good working condition this week, as managers reviewed plans for changing cargo vehicles.
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12.07.05 - NASA Signs Technology Agreement With Homeland Security
NASA and the Department of Homeland Security signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate and coordinate on appropriate research and development projects.
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12.06.05 - Aura Satellite Peers Into Earth's Ozone Hole
This year's ozone hole measured 9.4 million square miles at its peak between September and mid-October, which was slightly larger than last year's peak.
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12.06.05 - NASA Awards Washington Propulsion Research Grant
NASA's Science Mission Directorate has selected the Aerojet Redmond Rocket Center, Redmond, Wash., for a grant to develop advanced propulsion technologies for use beyond Earth orbit.
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12.06.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report: E05-020
The Atlas V was successfully tested yesterday during a launch pad "Wet Dress Rehearsal."
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12.06.05 - Cassini Images Reveal Evidence of Active Moon
Jets of fine, icy particles streaming from Saturn's moon Enceladus were captured in images from Cassini, providing unambiguous evidence the moon is geologically active.
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12.05.05 - NASA's Mars Rovers Continue to Explore
The geological information both rovers collected increased evidence about ancient Martian environments including periods of wet, possibly habitable conditions.
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12.05.05 - View of the Upper Atmosphere
Scientists from NASA and the National Science Foundation discovered a way to combine ground and space observations to create an unprecedented view of upper atmosphere disturbances during space storms.
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12.02.05 - Shuttle Status Report: S05-034
Technicians continue to process Discovery for NASA's second space shuttle Return to Flight test mission, STS-121.
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12.02.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-056
Commander Bill McArthur, the NASA station science officer, worked with the Human Research Facility 2, setting up a refrigerated centrifuge for biological samples for future experiments.
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12.02.05 - NASA News Events at the AGU Meeting
NASA researchers will meet with the media at the 2005 Annual Fall meeting of the AGU. All news conferences are in the press briefing room.
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12.01.05 - NASA Announces AGU Presentations
NASA researchers will present findings on a variety of Earth and space science topics at the 2005 Annual Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
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12.02.05 - NASA Announces Planetary Vehicle Competition
Planetary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Challenge will award $250,000 for designing and building an autonomously operating aerial vehicle.
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12.02.05 - NASA Announces Telerobotic Competition
The Telerobotic Construction Challenge competition will award $250,000 to develop technologies enabling robots to perform complex tasks with minimal human intervention.
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11.30.05 - Environmental Engineering Services Contract
NASA has awarded a contract to CH2M Hill, Inc., Montgomery, Ala. The contract is for environmental engineering services at Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala., and other government facilities.
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11.29.05 - Dale Sworn in as NASA Deputy Administrator
Shana Dale was sworn in today as NASA's deputy administrator at the agency's headquarters in Washington.
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11.29.05 - Rover Helps Reveal Possible Secrets of Martian Life
Based on Opportunity's data, scientists have been able to deduce conditions in the Meridiani Planum region of Mars were sometimes wet, strongly acidic and oxidizing.
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11.29.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report: E05-019
Due to the Boeing labor strike and other issues, the earliest possible launch date is in February, 2006.
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