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12.30.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-061
The Expedition 12 crew is looking forward to New Year's after a quiet Christmas 225 miles above the Earth.
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12.29.05 - Michoud Staff Honored for Heroic Work
NASA is honoring employees who risked their lives during Hurricane Katrina to protect the agency's Michoud Assembly Facility. The event is at 2 p.m. EST, Thursday, Jan. 5.
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12.28.05 - NASA Awards Goddard Scientific Support Services Contract
NASA selected Science Applications International Corporation to provide scientific support to advance the use of satellite data in weather, climate and environmental prediction.
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12.23.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-060
A holiday delivery arrived at the International Space Station today for the Expedition 12 crew.
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12.22.05 - Hubble Discovers New Rings and Moons Around Uranus
The largest ring is twice the diameter of the planet's previously known rings. The rings are so far from the planet, they are being called Uranus' "second ring system."
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12.22.05 - NASA Administrator's Authorization Bill Statement
The following is a statement by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin about the NASA Authorization Bill.
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12.22.05 - NASA's Top Space Exploration Stories Of 2005
NASA completed a successful year of milestones and discoveries in 2005 as the agency begins to implement the Vision for Space Exploration, America’s long-term plan for returning astronauts to the moon to prepare for voyages to Mars and other destinations in the solar system.
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12.21.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-059
Supplies and holiday gifts are on the way to the International Space Station following today's Progress spacecraft launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
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12.21.05 - NASA Prepares for Return of Interstellar Cargo
NASA's Stardust mission is nearing Earth after a 2.88 billion mile journey to return cometary and interstellar dust particles back to Earth.
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12.21.05 - 'NASAcast' Provides Audio and Video for the Portable Digital Age
Podcasting is the latest on-the-go technology that gives users the freedom to listen to or watch news and other programs anywhere, anytime.
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12.20.05 - NASA Awards Houston Aircraft Support Contract
NASA has awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin Services, Inc., Houston, to provide support to agency aircraft used in simulation training for flying the space shuttle.
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12.19.05 - NASA Selects Flight Critical Systems Technology Providers
NASA has selected five firms in response to a request for proposal for "Flight Critical Systems Research" issued on January 3, 2005.
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12.19.05 - NASA Sets Sights on First Pluto Mission
NASA is preparing to launch the first spacecraft to distant Pluto and its moon Charon.
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12.16.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report: E05-021
The launch of Pluto New Horizons is scheduled for NET Jan. 17, 2006.
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12.16.05 - NASA Seeks Innovative Ideas for Revolutionary Concepts
The focus for solicitations is on revolutionary, advanced concepts for architectures and systems that meet NASA mission "grand visions."
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12.16.05 - Launch Site for Record-Setting Flight
NASA announced Friday the agency's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., will be the takeoff site for an attempt to set the record for the longest flight of an aircraft or balloon.
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12.15.05 - ISS Status Report: SS05-058
This week the crew focused on preparing for the arrival of a holiday shipment of fuel, food, water, spare parts and gifts. A Progress spacecraft launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 1:38 p.m. EST, Dec. 21.
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12.15.05 - Shuttle Status Report: S05-036
Work continues for Discovery's second mission in the Return to Flight sequence, STS-121.
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12.15.05 - First Comet Sample Return to Earth
NASA will brief news media at 1 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 21, about the return of the Stardust capsule.
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12.15.05 - Special Christmas Delivery
The International Space Station crew will get a special Christmas delivery when the next Russian cargo ship docks to the orbiting laboratory Dec. 23.
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