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12.10.04 - Shuttle Milestone: Discovery's Main Engines Installed
NASA completed installation this week of the three main engines that will help launch Space Shuttle Discovery on its Return to Flight mission.
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12.10.04 - NASA Announces Deep Impact Briefing
A pre-launch briefing on the comet hunting mission will be held at 1 p.m. EST, Tuesday, Dec. 14 at NASA Headquarters.
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12.10.04 - NASA's Top Innovations' Publication Available
Spinoff 2004, NASA's premiere publication featuring the latest agency innovations transferred to the commercial market, is available online and in hard copy.
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12.09.04 - Spitzer And Hubble Capture Planetary Systems
Two observatories have provided astronomers an unprecedented look at dusty planetary debris around stars the size of our sun.
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12.08.04 - NASA Awards Engineering Support Contract Extension
NASA has awarded Lockheed Martin Space Operations of Houston an extension to the Science, Engineering, Analysis and Test (SEAT) contract.
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12.08.04 - Explorer School Concept Goes International
The program will focus on stimulating the interest of children -- girls in particular -- between the ages of 9 and 12.
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12.08.04 - Famed B-52B "Mothership" Retiring
The Air Force Flight Test Center and DFRC are hosting a retirement ceremony for the plane at 10 a.m. PST, Friday, Dec. 17 at Dryden.
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12.08.04 - Science News Conference Fall Meeting
Researchers will present findings on Earth and Space science topics at the AGU Meeting in San Francisco, Dec. 13-17.
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12.07.04 - Space Pioneer John Young Retires
Young was the first human to fly in space six times and launch seven times, six times from Earth and once from the moon.
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12.06.04 - Briefing About New Look at Planet
Astronomers will present findings from Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope at a briefing, Thursday at 1 p.m. EST.
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12.06.04 - Stafford-Covey Group Briefing Update
The Group will hold its next public meeting at 8:00 a.m. EST, Thursday, Dec. 16, at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Institute.
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12.03.04 - Shuttle Return to Flight Briefing Rescheduled
The latest version of "NASA's Implementation Plan for Space Shuttle Return to Flight and Beyond" will be released Monday afternoon, not morning, followed by a news conference.
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12.03.04 - Station Status Report: SS04-043a
The International Space Station's crew completed the first 50 days of their six-month mission this week, highlighted by a short flight in their Soyuz spacecraft.
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12.03.04 - Shuttle Status Report: S04-040
The three Shuttle Main Engines will be moved from the Main Engine Shop into the OPF for installation on Discovery early next week.
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12.03.04 - Space Station Update
The Mission Status Briefing is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. EST at Johnson Space Center, Houston.
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12.02.04 - Stafford-Covey Group Sets Briefing
Briefing will be at 3 p.m. after the Dec. 16 public meeting.
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12.02.04 - Appalachian Students Call Space Station Crew
Students in rural Appalachia will experience the excitement of space flight next week when they make an out-of-this-world phone call to the International Space Station crew.
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12.02.04 - Reports Detail Rover Discoveries
The most dramatic findings so far from NASA's twin Mars rovers -- telltale evidence for a wet and possibly habitable environment in the arid planet's past -- passed rigorous scientific scrutiny for publication in a major research journal.
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12.02.04 - NASA Study on Indian Ocean Warming
A NASA study suggests changing winds and currents in the Indian Ocean during the 1990s contributed to the observed warming of the ocean during that period.
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12.02.04 - Space Shuttle Return to Flight Briefing
The latest version of "NASA's Implementation Plan for Space Shuttle Return to Flight and Beyond" will be released Monday morning, and the agency has scheduled a news conference in the afternoon.
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