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12.17.04 - Contract for Aviation & Patient Safety
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., McLean, Va., was awarded a contract to operate existing safety reporting systems both NASA and VA.
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12.17.04 - NASA Investigator Honored
William Krabill of NASA's Wallops Flight Facility has won the William T. Pecora Award for excellence in remote sensing.
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12.16.04 - NASA Increases Value of Contract
The modification adds $62.5 million to the completion form, cost plus award fee contract.
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12.16.04 - Engineering & Science Contract
A five-year contract to support engineering and science at Johnson Space Center has been awarded to Sverdrup Technology Inc.
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12.16.04 - Proposals to Educate the Public Selected
NASA Explorer Institute Focus Groups will identify strategies and approaches that will help NASA respond to community needs.
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12.16.04 - New Galaxies Media Briefing Scheduled
Astronomers will announce their discovery of unexpected galaxies at a listen-and-log on briefing Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 1 p.m. EST.
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12.16.04 - Study Finds Tiny Particles In Air
The study reported the effects of aerosols on overall carbon exchange might be more significant than clouds.
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12.15.04 - Scientists Discuss Atmospheric Cloud
Brown cloud pollution and natural processes can contribute to unhealthy levels of ozone in the troposphere where we live and breathe.
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12.15.04 - Earth's Safe Zone During Solar Storms
A NASA-funded study found a region between radiation belts surrounding the Earth is not as benign as once thought.
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12.15.04 - Air Transportation Roadmap Released
A plan to help America meet the demands of a future aviation system was unveiled today.
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12.15.04 - Visually Impaired Students 'Touch' the Sun
A new book featuring NASA images allows visually impaired people to feel what they cannot see.
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12.14.04 - NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe Press Conference Scheduled
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe will meet with the news media Friday at 10:00 a.m. EST.
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12.14.04 - NASA Selects Mars Science Lab Investigations
NASA has selected eight proposals to provide instrumentation and associated science investigations for the mobile Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, scheduled for launch in 2009.
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12.14.04 - Aura Sheds New Light on Pollution
Satellite offers unprecedented precision.
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12.14.04 - NASA Set to Launch First Comet Impact Probe
Deep Impact will deploy a probe that will be "run over" by the nucleus of comet Tempel 1.
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12.14.04 - NASA Accepts Tech Transfer Report
NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate today announced completion of a year- long external review of the agency's technology transfer activities.
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12.13.04 - NASA Administrator Resigns
O'Keefe led NASA through tragedy and transformation.
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12.13.04 - Bug Control, Trees Could Offset Gases
Research by NASA scientists shows how human control of insects, tree planting and other factors could affect Earth's greenhouse gases.
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12.10.04 - Station Status Report: SS04-044
International Space Station crewmembers this week continued research and maintenance activities and prepared for arrival of the next Progress cargo craft.
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12.10.04 - Shuttle Status Report: S04-041
Discovery's engines have been installed.
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