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11.25.03 - NASA Schedules Mars Exploration Rover Briefing
NASA officials discuss the January Mars landings by NASA's two mobile robotic geologists, Spirit and Opportunity, in a briefing at 1 p.m. EST on December 2.
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11.24.03 - Special Recipes for Station Crew
The holiday table is set with bungee cords and Velcro, and scissors replace a carving knife for food preparation.
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11.24.03 - Japanese Students Talk to Crew
Space Station Expedition 8 crew will chat with fifth-and sixth-graders via downlink at 8:30 a.m. EST on November 25.
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11.24.03 - Fred Gregory Honored
NASA's Deputy Administrator has been selected as one of 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology for 2004.
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11.24.03 - Aviation Technology Test Site
Aircraft equipped with new technologies will be demonstrated at Virginia's Danville Regional Airport.
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11.21.03 - Media Invited To See Hardware
Space Station hardware for return to flight is available at 10 a.m. EST on Dec. 3 at Kennedy Space Center.
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11.21.03 - Latest Update To Shuttle Implementation Plan To Be Released Nov. 24 
The latest version includes NASA's process for handling suggestions, as well as preliminary cost estimates.
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11.21.03 - Small Business Proposals Selected
NASA awarded 246 Small Business Innovation Research contracts and 40 Small Business Technology Transfer contracts for $26 million.
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11.21.03 - Engineer Inspires Students
Cuban-born Berta Alfonso manages the development of educational tools and resources for students and teachers.
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11.21.03 - Next Station Crew Named
Astronaut William McArthur and Cosmonaut Valery Tokarev will launch for Station on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in April 2004.
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11.20.03 - Successful Ion Engine Test
Project Prometheus' high-velocity, high-power thrust could lead to revolutionary propulsion capabilities.
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11.19.03 - Webcast Teaches Students About Spacecraft
Scheduled for 1 p.m. EST Thursday, November 20, the live webcast features the Aura mission which will study climate change, air quality, and ozone.
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11.19.03 - New Space Life Sciences Laboratory
The 100,000 square-foot facility offers research and commercialization opportunities to address key issues in biological sciences.
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11.19.03 - Space Station: Five Years In Orbit
Eight successive crews -- 22 people -- have lived and worked on the orbiting complex since Nov. 2, 2000.
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11.19.03 - Astronaut Delivers Keynote Address At National Conference
On Nov. 20-22, the American Indian Science & Engineering Society 25th National Conference will host John Herrington.
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11.19.03 - "Fastest Man Alive" Recalls 50th Anniversary of Historic Flight
On Nov. 20, 1953, A. Scott Crossfield piloted the Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket research aircraft to Mach 2, twice the speed of sound, and became the "fastest man alive."
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11.18.03 - NASA Names New Safety Advisory Panel
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced the new NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP), saying "a stronger, more focused advisory panel will benefit the entire agency well beyond our Return to Flight efforts."
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11.18.03 - Space Station Crew Available for Interviews
Commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA Station Science Officer Ed Lu are available for satellite interviews from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. EST Friday.
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11.18.03 - Talk Is Action For NASA's Space Flight Deputy
Lynn Cline is the first to tell you she's all talk. But that's no shortcoming for NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Space Flight.
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11.17.03 - NASA Video Series Answers Kids' Questions
The one-minute online videos feature kids answering science, mathematics and technology questions, as well as sharing facts about NASA, in an interesting and instructional format.
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